Find your worst JavaScript offenders for page load 
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Shopify Development News and Articles

3 ways to find your worst JavaScript offenders for page load
As Addy Osmani likes to say, JavaScript is your most expensive asset. Compared to an image or stylesheet, for example, a JavaScript file of the same size will take the same amount of time to download. The problem comes in the amount of processing after download that needs to occur before the JavaScript is fully execute.
Shopify President: How To Become A Millionaire For The Price Of A Starbucks Coffee
In this new episode Steven sits down with the Canadian entrepreneur and president of Shopify Harley Finkelstein.
Shopify Functions 101: Build from Scratch with JavaScript & Javy
We go over how to create a Shopify function with JavaScript using my open source boilerplate repository to start an app and build Shopify functions from scratch, reading the documentation and debugging along the way!
Navigating Session Token Authentication in Shopify for Rails Apps
This article serves to be a comprehensive guide to navigating Shopify’s session token authentication for embedded, server-side rendered Rails apps. We hope to expose some common pitfalls and provide clear and concrete examples to guide you through the process. Let’s hit the road, shall we?
Trust Badges in Shopify
This tutorial will introduce you to HTML & CSS for Shopify, through the example of building trust badges / payment icons. API
High quality commerce data for your storefront.
Store Copilot - AI-powered shopping assistant for your brand
Create a branded AI-Shopping assistant that only speaks your brand's language for even more personalized customer experience. Coming Soon to the App Store.
Checkout Extension Office Hours
The next installment of our checkout extensibility office hours will be Thursday, May 18 at 11am EST on Discord. Join us to chat with the product team and get all your checkout-related questions answered!
Shopify - Important team and business changes
We are changing the shape of Shopify significantly today to pay unshared attention to our mission. There are a number of consequences to this.
RegExGPT RegEx Generator
RegexGPT is a tool that lets people generate regex patterns by inputting an example of the text they would like to transform and another input for the expected result.