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Happy Holidays studs!

This year we said goodby to NYC and roamed the country for a few months, until we settled back down in North Carolina. Now we are back in full force and INTO IT!!! 

Curated. Cum-worthy.

The hole is BIG and the action is HOT! Easy access to EVERYTHING!! [MASQULIN ON XVIDEO]
I'm a HUGE fan of vintage gloryhole action. The dicks just seem bigger back then. And it's a MONTAGE!!!! [BIJOU VIDEO ON XVIDEO]

Another oversized hole in the bathroom stall, with sweet ass play. Where can I find one of these?! (ON XVIDEO)
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A smokin' hot story sent to us from new Club member ALONSO:

Funny enough I have a buddy who I've known for years who is into our possibly having 3 w​ays etc...with a woman..I'm bi..he's basically str8 but open minded.

Anyway, he keeps making cracks about my having a glory hole at my house and yesterday he was more forward about it then ever - telling me that I should put a glory hole in my garage or something.  Yeah my buddy is very etc.. and supposedly I do know of one guy-on-guy encounter he had years ago… and a couple of times when we've talked porn...and the word gloryhole comes up...he's like...GLORYHOLES YES!!!!

And it is odd that he has said a couple times now that I should get some kind of glory hole set up, so when I came upon your product I was like..OMG..this is awesome.
Kinda funny...but u know..I'm getting the message. He needs a who am I to argue. I guess in HIS mind if there's a wall/curtain etc between him and the other guy...he can reason it out...which is fine with me…

It arrived today..woo hoo.

I have to come up with a plan to introduce to my friend! HA!  He's coming to town in a couple of weeks and staying at my place for the weekend. We're going to a party saturday night and I was thinking about introducing it when we get back.

My plan is to make sure he's good and stoned..then tell him I have a surprise for him...make him go into his room for a few minutes.  Then while he's out put the gloryhole up..get the laptop going with some porn...then take a picture of the well as one of me with a ski mask that covers my face except for eyes and mouth...send both pix to him...via text...tell him to come out into the living room...and that I'll be in my bedroom (the gloryhole will be on my bedroom door..which opens into the living room...I'll tell him to just sit down and chill...relax watch some porn, and if he "needs" me...he can step on a light switch that will be on the floor. The light will turn on in my room...and that will be my signal to kneel in front of the gloryhole. that's what I've thought of so far…

Fucking HOT!!!
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Thanks again men. Until next month...

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