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Hello one and all! We've reached the end of the year. Another year. Another pandemic filled year. Instead of saying 2022 will be the best year yet, we want to downplay the usual 'fist-pumping' sentiment and just take some slow and steady steps into the new year sans grandiose plans. As you would in a china shop, walk into 2022 with care and don't touch anything!

Our newsletter this week has a decidedly festive feel to it, with movie roundups, a song to serenade to over a log fire (real or digital) and world news for current perspectives. We also introduce our latest Evoke recruit, Lee Blanchflower, who joins our digital team as a Digital & Design Team Lead. Find out more about his awesome background and what he's serving up in his role with us.

In the spirit of newness as we do the forward thing into 2022, our Comms Director Georgie Bradley gives her two pence on how to make habits stick.

And so, that's it for us this year. We are going off the grid now for the festive period until 2022 to do the usual feasting, reflecting and projecting. We will be fanned out across the world from the UK, UAE, US and Greece. Come January we'll be back with new projects in the pipeline.

Till then, peace out!

Team E.


Introducing: Lee Blanchflower


We have a new member of Team E on board! Behold, the policeman turned photographer (and then some).

A technology obsessed Lee Blanchflower has literally been on a journey of discovery for the past decade. Following a twelve-year career in law enforcement as a frontline Police Sergeant, Lee’s natural ability to capture the very best and worst of life through the lens, was originally honed operating as an evidence gatherer as a member of a Police Riot Team. In an age where digital imagery was about to supersede traditional film photography, Lee took the plunge and with it, an eighteen-month career break, bought what is now an archaic Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera and went on to win his first National Photography Award as ‘The Societies’ 2013 Travel Photography of the Year at a ceremony in London. His gritty image of New York’s 5th Avenue would be the precursor to an obsessive need to capture life on the streets around the globe.

His visionary perception has earned him opportunities to photograph commercially for a host of international clients and to rub shoulders with celebrities from the world of music, television that has also extended to photographing members of the British Royal Family.

Discontent with only producing photographic imagery, Lee diversified his work and is an accomplished cinematographer, producer of creative films and drone operator.

Lee’s happiest when he’s with his Wife Jo and his three children, endurance cycling or cuddling up with Audrey, his mini dachshund.

Welcome Lee! It's good to have you with us.


How To Make Habits Actually Habitual


Habit sticking. Ah, it’s a difficult one. When intention and execution don’t align, habits don’t become automatic, but an uphill struggle. So, what is the way to actually make a habit stick like glue? Here’s an example I am sure will resonate




We’re always on the look out for dynamic change makers, disruptors and new information to fuel our own dexterity and creativity. So, this section sees a few of our recent picks on how the world’s outlook is changing. We hope these little nuggets will help you land on that 'aha!' moment you were looking for!




The Highest-Grossing Christmas Movies




Where Corruption Is Rampant




Afghanistan’s Food Crisis Reaches Unprecedented Levels




We know everyone says it's not all work, it's about play, too – and as much as we don't want to sound like a broken record, there is truth in the truism. Like we said earlier, we are all about ingesting the complex and the trivial in equal measure. In fact, we love nothing more than thinking deeply about the more 'playful' things in life. Read ' em and ponder away.

Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design

Hardcore History

Elon Musk on Tech and War


The heads of SpaceX discuss military tech, war planes and other historical subjects.

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Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design

W Magazine

The Art of Uniform Dressing


Fran Lebowitz, Peter Marino, and more on why consistency is the ultimate expression of style.

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Evoke International Dubai - PR, Strategic Communication, Marketing, Design

The Ringer

The 50 Best Movie Soundtracks


These are the 50 best mixes of cinema and sound since 1971 – did your favorite movie make the list?

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Getting into the festive mood with this absolute classic from the King of Crooners, Sinatra.


Frank Sinatra – Have Yourself A Merry Christmas




It's never too late to right the wrongs in life.


"No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again."






Baby, it's cold outside (in some parts of the world)

EVOKE - The Outlook

Somewhere in Scandinavia


The simplicity and epitome of Christmas. Need we say more?

Happy Holidays!


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