Learn all the essential Shopify liquid you'll need before you start developing themes. 
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Getting started with Shopify Liquid
In the video you'll learn all the essential Shopify liquid you'll need before you start developing themes.
Simple Performance Win for Themes
In this video, we'll walk through one of the simplest performance wins you can implement into your Shopify theme that proves to carry the greatest benefit - improving the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metric.
AI Powered Product Descriptions: Shopify's Latest Innovation
In this video, we'll be discussing Shopify's latest innovation in e-commerce: an AI-powered product description feature. If you've ever struggled with writing product descriptions for your online store, this new feature may be just what you need to streamline the process and increase your sales.
Add Free Gift with Purchase Using Alpine.js
See how Alpine.js can be used to add a free product once a certain quantity has been added to the shopping cart.
Ruby Office Hours with Shopify Engineering
Curious about Shopify’s relationship with Ruby? Got questions on projects Shopify Ruby on Rails Engineers are currently working on? Join Rose Wiegley (Sr Staff Developer), Ufuk Kayserilioglu (Production Engineering Manager), and other Shopify Engineers for a 30-minute office hours session dedicated to answering your questions on Ruby, Shopify’s relationship with Ruby, and life at Shopify!

Code & Tools

Rust Is The Future of JavaScript Infrastructure
Why is Rust now being used to replace parts of the JavaScript web ecosystem like minification (Terser), transpilation (Babel), formatting (Prettier), bundling (webpack), linting (ESLint), and more?
Integrating Ruby with OpenAI: A Beginner’s Guide
As a Ruby developer, you can immediately incorporate AI into your applications through the use of the OpenAI API. Using the power of OpenAI’s models, you can create intelligent applications that can create text, respond to queries, and much more with just a few lines of code.
Common Beginner Mistakes with React
In this tutorial, we're going to explore 9 of the most common gotchas. You'll learn how to steer around them, and hopefully avoid a lot of frustration.
Book 1:1 calls with experienced Shopify app users.
App Store Research is a research recruiting platform for Shopify app teams. Get the insights you need to build better products. Recruit, schedule and pay participants - all in one place.
Policies for reviews on the Shopify App and Theme stores
Shopify recently made some policy changes to app store reviews. Review the frequently asked questions related to PPA and API updates, and how they affect merchants and developers.