TSLA dropped over 8% after a disappointing third quarter report on deliveries. The report revealed Tesla delivered less
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Why Is Tesla (TSLA) Stock Down Today? (2 min read)

TSLA dropped over 8% after a disappointing third quarter report on deliveries. The report revealed Tesla delivered less vehicles than the forecast set by experts. The forecast already factored in the potential problems from the Shanghai factory and anticipated a lower number. The number of vehicles produced increased from the previous quarter but deliveries are the closest measures to sales, which raised concerns among some investors.
UK government abolishes plan to cut tax on high earners in major U-turn (3 min read)

The UK government confirmed scrapping its plan to cut tax for the country’s highest income earners. The proposed tax cut was first announced about two weeks ago and after the news the pound dropped to all-time low and UK government bonds sold off rapidly which resulted in the Bank of England to intervene to calm the markets. The pound jumped following the news that the plan on tax cuts made a major U-turn. Experts also said the reversal on the plan was the right move.
Kim Kardashian pays over $1 million to settle SEC charges linked to a crypto promo on her Instagram (3 min read)

Kim Kardashian will settle SEC charges and pay $1.26 million for not disclosing she received a payment for a crypto she promoted on Instagram. She agrees not to promote any cryptos for the next three years. The SEC said this case should serve as a reminder that investments endorsed by celebrities or influencers does not mean it’s right for all investors. Kim Kardashian was also sued by the investors of the crypto she promoted for artificially inflating the value of the asset.
Funds & ETFs📊
Nearly 130 Single-Stock Filings Pulled After SEC Remarks (1 min read)

Three ETF providers have withdrawn their single-stock ETF filings for a total of 130 ETFs after the SEC had expressed concerns on such products. The providers did not give an explanation for the ETF filings withdrawal. Single-stock ETFs come in leveraged or inverse and offer an amplified return on the underlying stock. Because of the higher volatility and greater risks involved, the SEC had warned these products are not right for every investor.
Worst Performing ETFs Of The Year (2 min read)

The two biggest categories for the worst performing ETFs this year are crypto and cannabis. The ETF with the worst performance is the Global X Blockchain ETF (BKCH) with a return of -72.71% so far this year. Crypto-focused ETFs on average have lost more than 69% as the industry experiences a major sell-off. Cannabis ETFs have also tumbled over 50% this year because reforms across the country were much slower than investors anticipated. Full list of worst performing ETFs are available in this article.
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Three Rules For Successful Bear Market Investing (4 min read)

Although the S&P 500 has dropped more than 24% this year, it is still positive if you look at it from a longer period. It went up 16% from December 2019, 41% from December 2018, and 164% from December 2009. The point is to adopt a bigger picture perspective and reflect on how well your portfolio has done in the past five or ten years instead of focusing on recent downfalls. Avoid checking your portfolio too frequently in a bear market as it will make you more anxious and lose focus of your long-term investing goal. Reviewing quarterly or semi-annually should be sufficient. It is also impossible to predict market tops and bottoms so the best strategy is to focus on the longer term and keep buying regardless how the market performs. Broaden your perspective, don’t look at your portfolio, and keep putting money into the market can help you through a bear market.
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