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Someone recently reached out to me on twitter about how to submit articles for consideration. It's easy - just tweet us @liquidweekly or email Karl.
We love it when folks send stuff our way!

News & Articles

Best-in-Class Developer Experience with Vite and Hydrogen
Hydrogen is a framework that combines React and Vite for creating custom storefronts on Shopify. It maximizes performance for end-users and provides a best-in-class developer experience for you and your team. Since it focuses on evergreen browsers, Hydrogen can leverage modern capabilities, best practices, and the latest tooling in web development to bring the future of ecommerce closer.
Understanding How Shoppers Think
After working for 100s (literally 100s) of successful eCom businesses we've decided to share everything we know. This youtube channel isn't here to get us new clients— it's here to help marketing teams and entrepreneurs get 10x better marketing results.
The Ultimate Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Checklist for Shopify
Turning window shoppers into real shoppers is an often difficult and time consuming task, but it can be done! By making changes to your Shopify site, ensuring that visitors are guided every step of the way to ultimately make a purchase, you can turn traffic into profit.
Getting started with Shopify App Store ads
There are a few different requirements for setting up ads for your app. The general approach to advertising with search ads includes the seven steps outlined in this guide.
Metafield syncing got you down?

Drop the namespace and key in Gadget, and we’ll sync the data to any resource. Mutate or query the metafields all you want. No rate limits.

Learn more on the Gadget blog

Code & Tools

Adding Related Products to the Product Page with Vue.js
Shopify has almost everything you want out of the box for a basic online store. But one thing that clients love to do to drive more sales is display related or recommended products on a product page. Although this isn't a feature out of the box with Shopify, the combination of Metafields and Vue.js allows you to create this feature AND allows the shop owner to update these themselves
Feeding Shopify with a Google Merchant Feed
Google Merchant Center is a digital platform where online retailers can upload product data to feed Google Shopping Ads. For that the retailer has to provide the product information in a format that meets Google’s feed requirements. Given the importance of Google this format is becoming now a defacto standard for exchanging product information.
Artemis GraphQL client
Artemis is a GraphQL client that is designed to fit well on Rails.
12 Ways to Improve Your DevTools Console Logging
Few developers delve beyond the basics of browser DevTool debugging. The humble console.log() is often derided but we all use it. It’s great for outputting values as code runs and usually helps pinpoint errors. Yet there is a range of under-utilized, quicker, easier, and more useful options which can be used in client-side scripts, web workers, and service workers. Many are also supported in the Node.js and Deno runtime consoles.



Subscription apps support Google Pay
Google Pay payments are now accepted for recurring transactions. For these transactions, the CustomerCreditCard will have a source of google_pay
TranslationsRemove endpoint now supports removing asset translation keys
The TranslationsRemove endpoint now supports deleting translations that are stored in asset files.


Themes now support 25 sections per template and 50 blocks per section
Based on your feedback, we've updated the number of sections and blocks you can add within a template. You can now add up to 25 sections per template and 50 blocks per section within each template.


Nothing on the radar. Know of something coming up? Let us know!


Partner Marketing Manager, remote
Own the partner-facing communication project management that aligns with and accomplishes deadlines, goals, and outcomes. These projects will be a key driver of relationship development and mutual value from a brand building and demand generation perspective for mutual growth.
Freelance Shopify Developer, PT (Remote)
We're looking for someone to join our team as a Freelance Shopify Developer to build, edit and customize Shopify themes. The ideal candidate will have experience building custom Shopify themes.

Tip of the Week

Ajax API - cart/change.js Confusion
I've run into this severals times in various projects.
For some reason, the cart/change.js endpoint seems very particular about the data type of the variant id, seemingly only working when it's a string despite the documentation saying it is an integer.

Check out this community forum thread started by Lukas and see what you think.