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Karl Says

Lots of great content this week. I particularly like the preloaded cart url feature!

News & Articles

Shopify Partner Town Hall - 2022 Kickoff
Check out the first Partner Town Hall of 2022 to learn more about our mission to empower Shopify Partners to help merchants succeed. We'll cover how we're making app and theme discovery safe, simple and more personalized, how merchants are becoming more global and more mobile
Cart - Use permalinks to pre-load the cart
A cart permalink takes your customers directly to the first page of the checkout screen with items pre-loaded into their cart. Have you ever wanted to link directly to the Shopify checkout screen with a specific cart already loaded with items? Have you ever wanted to put a "Buy it now" button in blogs and newsletters? Have you ever wanted to provide an easy reorder link to customers? Cart permalinks are the answer.
3 powerful ways to make your Shopify store B2B ready
Looking to enable B2B on your Shopify store? The team at SparkLayer walk you through how to create a custom B2B login screen, restrict specific products, and display B2B only content!
RubyConf 2021: The Talks You Might Have Missed
Shopify loves Ruby and opportunities to get together with other engineers who love Ruby to learn, share, and build relationships. In November, Rubyists from Shopify’s Ruby and Rails infrastructure teams gathered in Denver at RubyConf 2021 to immerse themselves in all things Ruby with a community of their peers. If you weren’t there or want to revisit the content, we’ve compiled a list of the talks from our engineers.
Update Shopify Cart Quantity with Ajax Easily
Let's learn some more techniques for updating cart item quantity with ajax requests.
Storetasker: A network for excellent freelance Shopify devs
Meet Adan. Adan’s based in Guatemala and now runs a successful agency off the back of Storetasker leads. We send him new clients, and he hits out of the park every time. He’s earned the trust of great clients including one of the top agencies in the world who regularly goes to him for work. Be like Adan. storetasker-ad3.png

Code & Tools

Setting up Cloudflare Tunnel for development
Cloudflare Tunnel is a free alternative to Ngrok that allows publicly exposing your local web server. Usually, it’s used in development for testing webhooks or some third-party APIs that require public URLs. In my case, I use it for Shopify Apps development.
A Complete Guide to Flexbox
Our comprehensive guide to CSS flexbox layout. This complete guide explains everything about flexbox, focusing on all the different possible properties for the parent element (the flex container) and the child elements (the flex items). It also includes history, demos, patterns, and a browser support chart.
Attn Devs: Recommend Conjured Referrals and Earn Money
Today we’re announcing the creation of our new affiliate program for Conjured Referrals! Aside from earning a $100 bounty for each store you refer, you might be asking why you should use Conjured Referrals over other referral apps for your clients. The reason is we’re an app built by devs, for devs. Here are the top 3 reasons why using Conjured Referrals will make you look good in the eyes of your clients.
Checking your app for EASDK calls
We’re replacing the EASDK with App Bridge for enhanced support for session tokens. Because we want merchants to have the best app loading experience, apps still using the EASDK will no longer have prioritized listings in our app store. If you would like to confirm you have successfully migrated to App Bridge, you can use the below code in your browser dev console to see which EASDK calls your app may still be making.
Why Vim
I’ve been using, teaching, and stanning Vim since almost the beginning of my programming career. Yet, when asked to explain this preference, I stumble. In this post, I’d like to explore why I love Vim.
How to work with Metafields on Shopify Themes
In this video, we show you how to access meta fields in Liquid, and how to design theme sections to take advantage of this new native functionality. Metafields and dynamic sources allow merchants to easily connect and display different types of content on individual pages of their choosing.



Deprecated fields on the Customer object
The following are changes to the GraphQL Admin API's Customer object:
  • The orders_count field is renamed to number_of_orders.
  • The total_spent and total_spent_v2 fields are replaced by amount_spent.
  • The has_note field is removed. The note field still exists on the customer.
  • The has_timeline_comment field is removed. To query for comments on the timeline, use the events connection and a query argument containing verb:comment, or look for a CommentEvent in the __typename of events.
Theme app extensions now support locales directory
As of today, apps will be able to store translation strings in a centralized locales folder accessible across all app blocks and app embeds within a theme app extension.


March 17 - Building Headless Storefronts on Shopify with Hydrogen - Online Workshops
Curious about Hydrogen -Shopify's React-based framework for building custom storefronts? Register now for an upcoming FREE workshop in March to explore the new framework and get a custom storefront up and running
March 29th - More organic traffic without fighting for rankings
Let's bring more qualified buyers to your Shopify store using the free search enhancement systems Google, Bing, Pinterest, and other search engines. After this presentation, you’ll understand: - What search enhancements are - How your store can qualify for them - Warning signs that something could be wrong (and what to ignore) - How to solve common search enhancement problems
April 13 - Introduction to Working With Shopify Themes
Following this practical workshop you’ll be able to set up a local development environment and edit theme code to customize an example storefront. We’ll also explore Shopify’s Liquid templating language and learn how it can be leveraged to display dynamic store content.


Shopify - Lead/Staff Production Engineer (Remote, Americas and Europe)
If the idea of working on one of the most impactful component of infrastructure that has a reach to every single application (hundreds of them) across our infrastructure, serving millions of requests per minute excites you, join us!
Content Marketing Manager, FT, Remote
The ideal candidate loves writing and topic research but also understands how to structure the article from the SEO point of view. We expect someone who will be autonomous and data-driven. Knowledge of the Shopify environment is a big plus, but general e-commerce understanding is fine, too.
Technical Lead, FT, Remote
Invisible Themes is looking for a full-time Technical Lead with deep Javascript knowledge to join our growing team! You will be building features, writing exemplary code for the development team to follow and defining the development roadmap.

Tip of the Week

More about Metafields + JSON

In the last issue we talked about the power of using the JSON type with metafields

But did you know there are actually two different JSON related types? And that the type you choose impacts the syntax you'll need for accessing the metafield?

Using the old json_string type the syntax for accessing a value is:


Using the new JSON metafield type the correct syntax is: