The good news is that the Beatitudes are ready to welcome you for a wonderful time of retreat.
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Dear <<First Name>> ,
The Lord Jesus called his disciples aside for a time of rest after ministering to the crowds: “Come away to some lonely place all by yourselves and rest for a while.” Mk 6:31

Jesus understood his disciples’ need to retreat better than they did. They had been ‘doing’ much and were overwhelmed. Are we not also too often overloaded with duties and obligations, some of which are self-imposed and unnecessary?

Many of us may be spiritually dehydrated, keeping busy and unconscious of the deeper yearnings that inhabit our heart. Noise, anxieties, plans, relationships and a multitude of concerns can be sapping our energy and stifling our spiritual life.

When we do stop, things of greater importance will begin to surface. The temptation can be to jump back on the treadmill, to avoid dealing with them by keeping busy, or because we think that doing more will provide solutions.

Jesus invites his disciples to simply ‘be’. He invites you and I to come aside from time to time, not by ourselves only, but with Him!

Rest can help my heart to return to the one thing necessary: God’s love for me, and my own relationship with God. Silencing the noise inside and outside gives the Word a chance to penetrate the hardness of my heart, or to fall gently on my brokenness. The lonely place inside is where he wants to meet me. This is sacred ground.

One of the most beautiful aspects of our mission is welcoming people into a prayerful and intimate retreat space that fosters this encounter. The time spent on retreat, in His divine company, is not time wasted. On the contrary, it can enable the right ordering of priorities and relationships in my life, beginning with that most important relationship: that between me and my God.
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<<First Name>>  - You are invited on retreat!

There is an opportunity for you to participate in two very special retreats!

Firstly - back by popular demand - we will be running "Little Triduum Retreats" in August and in October! So don't miss out on places for one of those weekends. 

Secondly, we are inviting you on a very special 8 day "Lectio Divina" retreat. If you are able to spend the time- you certainly won't regret it! 

Details below and on our website. To book either type of retreat or to discuss your personal needs, please email us today!

LITTLE TRIDUUM weekend retreats!

From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th August 2023
From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October 2023

(Places are still available on both sets of dates, but not for long! BOOK NOW)

In your email, let Sr Giovanna Maria know which dates you would prefer and leave your full name and contact details.

What is a "Little triduum Retreat?

Join the Beatitudes Community as they celebrate a "little Triduum". The Triduum commemorates the days of the pascal mystery - from the supper of the Lord, through His cross to His resurrection on the third day.

What happens?

Book a stay at the St Joseph Retreat House or Hermitages and spend the weekend in retreat...

If you can make it on Thursday evening, join us and contemplate the great love of Jesus in the institution of the Eucharist and accompany him to Gethsemane with a beautiful Holy Hour of adoration. (if you cannot make it on Thursday evening, we encourage you to spend some time in prayer at home or join us via our Facebook page).
On Friday, fix your gaze on the Cross, contemplating the passion of Christ in fasting and prayer. In the evening, as the Shabbat approaches, gather with the Community around the table to welcome the peace and blessing of the Sabbath through a family liturgy which borrows elements from Jewish tradition and Hebrew songs.

Together with Mary, pray and await the hour of the resurrection, when Christ reveals His victory over the power of evil. As evening comes, enter into this mystery of the Lord rising from the dead with the celebration of Resurrection Vespers, a beautiful office of prayer based on Byzantine liturgy.

Enjoy a festive dinner, music and Jewish dancing as we express our joy and thanks for all God has done for us!

Sunday is the day above all that brings us together for common prayer and fraternal life, following the example of the first Christians. You will celebrate the Sunday Mass together with the Community and the families that surround the Sanctuary.

Each day there are opportunities for confession, adoration and special times of prayer, rest and conviviality!

We look forward to welcoming you!

A Testimaonial:

"Recently I had the pleasure of four days in Retreat with the Beatitudes Community at the Sanctuary of Fourvière staying in one of the hermitages.

It was everything I had prayed it would be. A time of peace, solitude, spiritual growth and shared times of fun. The Community welcomed me to join them for Divine Offices, Adoration, Rosary and Mass in the Chapel. The harmonised singing during these occasions filled my heart and soul, while the readings and homilies taught and inspired me. Invitations to meals with the Community were occasions of delight.

My little hermitage was a very cosy cabin looking out over the North Canterbury countryside. My cabin was completely self-contained and warm despite it being the wintery month of June.

Thank you, my friends at the Beatitudes, for making this very significant experience possible for me!"

- Dianne
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<<First Name>>  - You are also invited to an extended time of retreat with the Word made Flesh! 

LECTIO DIVINA - 8 day retreat!

If you can, you will not regret embarking on this journey of discovery!

Spend 8 days in a very special guided retreat with the Community of the Beatitudes. Let the Living Word reveal Himself to you in new ways and discover the desire of God to speak to you personally through the Holy Scriptures.

Email Sr Giovanna Maria today to discuss possible dates and to make your booking.

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