Happy holidays! Here are some updates from ADSA's Career Development Network.
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CDN Roundup

December 2022


  • Did you miss the Sociology Career Panel? Watch the recording here and check out 5 key takeaways from the discussion. 
  • ADSA was profiled in Datanami.
  • Save the date for the ADSA Annual Meeting, which is happening on Oct. 24-26 with an optional workshop day on the 27th at the University of Texas, San Antonio. Stay tuned for more information here and on our website.


No events this month due to the upcoming holidays but stay tuned for the Political Science Career Panel on Jan. 19, 2023, from 12PM - 1PM ET / 9AM - 10AM PT. The panel includes two CDN members, Emily Gade and Andrea Jones-Rooy. 

Political Science Career Panel



Elie Alhajjar, PhD

Background: Elie earned his Bachelor's in Mathematics from Notre Dame University in Lebanon and his PhD in Mathematics from George Mason University, where he studied polyhedral geometry, algebraic combinatorics, and lattice point enumeration under the supervision of Dr. James F. Lawrence. 

Current Role: Elie is a senior research scientist and an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics at West Point, where he teaches mathematical courses to cadets representing all academic disciplines. He is also affiliated with the Intelligent Cyber-Systems and Analytics Research Library, where he applies machine learning methods to advance cyberinfrastructure for national security. He has recently expanded his research into computational biology and climate change models.

Outside of work: Elie draws on his experience in higher ed to shape programming for ADSA’s Career Development Network as a member of the CDN Steering Committee. In addition to community building for the CDN, Elie serves as a mentor to Division I student athletes, which is a natural fit given his passion for teaching and love of sports. Elie also mentioned that while he’s not much of a cook, he loves to eat, particularly pizza, wings, and Middle Eastern dishes.
How to connect with Elie: Check out Elie’s profile in the CDN Member Directory which shares a link to his website. Although he is not very active on the platform, you may also connect with Elie on LinkedIn. He highly encourages you all to reach out, especially if you’re interested in collaborating on research.

Who should we feature next?

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  • Attend discussions about the mundane/often overlooked topics of data science during the Normcore Tech Conference tomorrow, Dec. 15, from 7:30 AM - 11 PM ET / 4:30 AM - 8 PM PT. (Normconf)
  • Intro to Rust Programming ~2 hr. 20 min. video by Bruno Rocha. (Data Umbrella)
  • Tips for communicating about your research with non-scientists. (NIA)
  • The National Counterintelligence and Security Center published a "Safeguarding Science Toolkit" to raise awareness on the risks posed by emerging technologies and to increase the adoption of methods that protect research and innovation. (NCSC)
  • The 30th volume of Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education outlined principles and standards for fostering reproducible research through teaching via workflows, guidelines for student work, engaging students in editorial work, and revising curriculum at the program level. (SDSCE)
  • How to protect your ideas as a junior scientist. (Nature)
  • The training wheel approach to teaching data visualization. (The Functional Art)
  • Nailing the data science/analytics job interview. (Analytics Power Hour podcast ~54 min.)
  • How to manage your time as a researcher. (Nature)
  • How to turn pay-transparency revelations into a raise. (The Wall Street Journal's Your Money Briefing podcast 8 min.)
  • The Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub curated 625+ free resources for learners, educators, and researchers. (DSSR)


See more jobs and events on ADSA's website.


Did you publish a blog or paper or create a new resource? Did you receive a grant or are you about to give a presentation? Are you looking for a collaborator? Let us know so we can share with the CDN! 


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