This month we would like to share some of our favourite highlights and happenings with the Solutions Centre!
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The Team at @Solutions Centre wishes you a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for your ongoing support during this year and we can't wait for what's waiting for us in 2023!

Our Team will be taking a well deserved break and recharging over the summer holiday!

Friday 23rd December 2022- Monday 2nd January 2023

🏠 We will reopen in the new year on Tuesday 3rd January 2023, 8am.

☎️ If there are any URGENT REQUESTS, please ring the office on (08) 9332 1783 and leave a voice message. One of our staff will be in touch shortly thereafter.
The summer holidays are here! I'm sure we have all had many interesting and exciting things happen this year.

Where will you be going this summer holiday?

What are your highlights for 2022?

Here are some of our favourite moments at the Solutions Centre this year...

 💰 We Fundraised more money for the WA community than all the years prior combined (with our Australia's Biggest Morning Tea and OT Week 2022 Fundraiser Quiz Night).

$13,076!! 🙌🏼
🏠 We ran 11 Ed sessions both Externally and Internally at the Solutions Centre.
 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 We provided 10 social events this year at the Solutions Centre
 📰 We sent out a total of 12 monthly Solutions Centre newsletters over the year.

We've raised $850 for Disability Micro Enterprises through Solutions Centre Events & sales
Our Christmas Elf is back visiting us this month at the Solutions Centre and trying out all of the new AT equipment we've added over the year...but has he been naughty or nice?

What mischief has the elf been up to at the Solutions Centre?
Elf learning to drive

BEEP BEEP...Elf has been up to so much more than learning how to drive with our
@Certified Driver Occupational Therapist, Brett. Brett has been helping Elf with some car modification solutions that can help him continue to drive. Our Elf has also been looking at the @Freedom Motors display 
for wheelchair access modifications for his car.

Let's see what he gets up to at the Solutions Centre! Keep up to date with Elf's midnight madness, here on our socials @OTSG!
Over the past few months, we've been spending time with the team @Wheelchairs For Kids. As most of you may know, Wheelchairs For Kids was the beneficiary from our recent OT Week Quiz Night and we were also invited to their warehouse for a special behind-the-scenes tour.

We took some time to chat with Greg, CEO of Wheelchairs For Kids to get to know him and the team little better...

How did the charity start?
"Wheelchairs for Kids started in 1998. A Rotarian named Des La Rance went for a trip with his wife to Fiji. He saw children there with disabilities and came back to Queensland and made 6 wheelchairs using old bikes and took them to Fiji. It was such a success, he asked any other Rotary club if they could also help with making wheelchairs and thats how the Rotary Club of Scarborough got involved."

How has the charity changed since starting?

"From the bike frames, we later made the wheelchairs with a steel frame, then some years later we made them in aluminium, and now we make a wheelchair that is fully adjustable and has been approved by the World Health Organisation."

What is the biggest achievement of the team?

"That we now have a fully adjustable child's wheelchair that has been approved by WHO, that is made WA and provided around the world free of charge, in turn “Giving freedom & mobility worldwide.”
What is the best thing about volunteering at Wheelchairs for Kids?
"We are very happy group of volunteers doing something very rewarding as well as knowing we are giving disabled children in developing countries a much better life by getting off the ground, having dignity as well as mobility.

Volunteering can also be just as important to the person doing the volunteering as it is to the recipient receiving the Wheelchair."

How does the team celebrate its achievements?
"To be honest we don’t properly celebrate our successes & milestones as much as we should, but get huge levels of gratification and happiness when we receive so many photos back with children doing amazing things in their wheelchairs - going to the village school and visiting the local markets etc."

What does the "perfect day" look like at the warehouse?
"Having packed and closed the doors of a 40 foot container with 340 wheelchairs off on a journey around the world after so much volunteer work has gone into making them."

Donate to Wheelchairs for Kids
If you wish to donate to Wheelchairs for Kids to help lift valuable children off the ground, and towards a brighter future, then please click here to donate! 
Do you have any questions or a problem you want our team of experts to help you solve? We're here to help you! Just reply or send us an email and our team of experienced therapists, suppliers & engineers will work together to find you a solution!
As the summer holidays are approaching, we have had many clients ask us "what other alternatives are available to help me maintain my community independence?"

We asked
@Brett, one of our Driver Trained Occupational Therapists at @Occupational Therapy Services Group, to talk more about it:

Whether you have had to cease driving due to a medical condition, are unable to drive, or simply prefer not to drive, there are many alternative ways for you to maintain your community independence.

Below are options for alternatives to driving, that you access in the community, but this is not an exhaustive list. However, if you have access to specific funding, there are other options for you. If you need help with deciding what's best for you, visit us at the Solutions Centre, we are here to help!
Taxi User Subsidy Scheme
The Taxi User Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) is a subsidy available to certain eligible people with disabilities travelling in on-demand rank or hail (taxi) vehicles. To be eligible for TUSS, a person must demonstrate that they:
  • Are a permanent resident in Western Australia;
  • Have a disability that will always prevent them using conventional public transport; 
  • Are over ten years of age, or less than ten years of age and they use a wheelchair.
Rideshare or Tax
Ridesharing is a service that arranges one-time shared rides on very short notice, usually arranged through a mobile app. Rideshare drivers use their own vehicles, rather than one owned by a taxi company. Uber is the most popular ridesharing service. For more information, visit or download the Uber mobile app on your smartphone.

Public Transport (Transperth)
A fully integrated bus, train and ferry system operates in the Perth metro area. If you receive a Carer, Aged Pension or Disability Support Pension, you are entitled to a Pensioner SmartRider card. If you also hold a WA Seniors card, there is no need to apply for a Pensioner SmartRider, as your Seniors SmartRider card is conveniently combined with your Western Australian Seniors card.

With your Seniors SmartRider or Pensioner SmartRider you will be able to travel for free from first service until 6am, from 9am until 3.30pm, from 7pm until last service, and all-day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. You will be charged concession fares at all other times.

My Aged Care & NDIS
Transport services are a type of help-at-home service. These are services that help you get around and stay connected with your community, such as getting you out and about to appointments and community activities. This could include arranging a driver service, provision of transport vouchers and subsidies, or assistance with shopping, visiting health practitioners, and attending social activities.

♿For more information please visit our @Solutions Centre and our Occupational Therapists next door can assist you with what's best for you. We also have accessible ACROD parking available.
Solutions Centre 2nd Birthday!
Next year, our Solutions Centre's is Turning 2!!

We are excited to invite you to join us at our New Year Solutions CENTRE Sundowner!

We would love for you to come to meet & greet our partners and artists who have helped us bring our Solutions CENTRE to the WA community, as well as introduce our plans for the future.  

Finger food and refreshments will be provided.
2nd February 2023
Ceiling mounted clothes line -  A ceiling mounted clothes line with a pulley system to allow the user to lower and raise the line to any height indoors or outdoors. Useful for wheelchair users, people of short stature and those with an altered mobility to be able to safely and independently hang out washing in a safe and secure place.
Steadiwear - Steadi-Two is a battery-free glove designed to instantly reduce hand tremor, for people that have Essential tremor. This updated design is incredibly, based on earthquake proof engineering.  Likened to a see-saw in a playground.  The tremor reducing disk is controlled by custom-made magnets, which respond to your tremor by providing an equal and opposite force – reducing the ‘magnitude’ of the tremor.
Spill Stopper - An aide to help with carrying drinks and to reduce spills, good for lowered hand function or tremors. Low cost and effective.
Lap Stacker -  A retractable strap system designed for wheelchair users to help carry items in their lap. The adjustable straps will pull over the items in your lap and secure by clipping the buckles together. Great for carrying both bulky and small items safely.
Gyenno Spoon - Gyenno Advanced Technology improves confidence to eat more easily for people with Parkinson's Disease or a tremor, and also is of assistance for those having difficulty manipulating cutlery to collect food easily. With both Spoon and Fork attachments and an automatic twisting fork function for spaghetti and noodles, this device is of assistance to many people with any hand dexterity challenges.
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