January 1st is the Deadline for Shopify App Authentication Using Tokens 
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Scrooge had his old pal Marley around to warn him, you've got me! Don't follow my foolish example of putting off app maintenance - upgrade your Shopify apps to use tokens rather than cookies for authentication before it's too late! Learn more below while you still can!! Also, this is the last issue of 2021. Have a merry holiday season and we'll see you back in your inbox in 2022!

News & Articles

Authenticate an embedded app using session tokens
Here's the place to get started if you need to update an old app from cookie to token based authentication. Buckle up - it's a wild ride!
Authenticate a server-side rendered embedded app using Rails and Turbolinks
Is your app based on Rails? Is it embedded and serves multiple pages (as opposed to an SPA)? Then click here to learn about the fun and exciting hoops you get to jump through by using Turbolinks and some magic.
A demo app created using Rails, App Bridge, and Turbolinks
Need to see a working demo to go along with the tutorial on Rails + App Bridge + Turbolinks? Shopify's got you covered!
Shopify App Bridge
Need to migrate from the EASDK and / or refamiliarize yourself with App Bridge while you are paying off technical debt on your app? Check out this primer on App Bridge.
Find the root cause of your productivity problem with the "5 Whys" technique
The 5 Whys technique was developed in the 1930s by Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of the automotive manufacturer Toyota Industries. The idea is simple: ask "why" 5 times, until you get to the root cause of your issue.
Seven ways to test for accessibility of your web site with browser Developer Tools
Browsers come with developer tools built-in and these have great accessibility testing features. Here’s how to use the ones in the Developer Tools of browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Code & Tools

HypeCart - Cart Drawer app with Awesome Upsell Features
HypeCart is an app that provides a slick slide in cart with incredible support for upsells. This past month the ROI for merchants was over 7000%! You can add free gifts to the cart automatically, set upsells based on the cart contents and create good looking progress bars for free shipping and more. After a purchase is made you can add additional upsells using the thank you page builder.
Check it out today and start your free 7 day trial (free for development stores)
How to use the Shopify CLI for Building Themes
Shopify CLI helps you build Shopify apps. It quickly generates Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and PHP apps, app extensions, Shopify Scripts (beta), and Shopify themes. You can also use it for Shopify themes and when automating many common development tasks
Lazy Git
A simple terminal UI for git commands, written in Go with the gocui library.
Cocoa Culture
There's more to programming than cranking out code. Hansen Hsu worked on the AppKit team at Apple, and he’s here to talk about this mushy concept called culture. How does it manifest? How does it affect what people build? And how can it lead to beautiful software?
How to get a product and its metafields?
In this Github Issue on the shopify_api project Skillmatic attempts to retrieve a product's metafields in a single call to the REST API and ends up resorting to GraphQL. Hopefully his solution can help others facing a similar issue. What do you think of his solution? Is there another way to achieve the same result?
The Matrix is Unreal
OK - this is just for fun. Deep in our hearts most programmers at one time or another wanted to create games for a living. Check out The Matrix Awakens, An Unreal Engine 5 Experience that has been launched. The cutting-edge showcase can be downloaded for free on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.



JSON templates now have limit of 1000 per theme
The limit for JSON templates is increased from 50 per template to 1000 per theme. After this limit is reached, you can't create more JSON templates on the theme.
Support for .usdz 3D models as product media
Products can now accept 3D models in the .usdz format. Apps on iPhone that scan or create 3D models from photos will often output .usdz files and now you can add these to Shopify without converting to another format.


2022-01 release notes (Release candidate)
Release notes for an RC version of an upcoming API change are now available.
Locale fields are now appended with language and country codes
If available, the language and country/region codes of a customer can now be appended to locale fields to provide more granularity for our partners.
Cleaning up deprecations in the Storefront API
At this year's Unite conference, Shopify announced that they wanted to make some sweeping changes and improvements to the Storefront API. A large number of previously deprecated fields have been removed from the unstable and upcoming 2022-01 versions of the Storefront API. Be sure to click for the complete list
Adding the manually_revoked value to theCustomerPaymentMethodRevocationReason enum
As of GraphQL API version 2021-10, running the CustomerPaymentMethodRevoke mutation can now set the customer_payment_method.revoked_reason field to manually_revoked
Contract notes for subscriptions
Shopify has added support for contract notes to the 2022-01 API version. Contract notes are carried over from order notes on the initial order, if present.


Marketing, Remote, FT
Skafos, a next-gen personalization platform for ecommerce merchants is seeking a Marketing Manager to help them level up in 2022.
HR, Remote, FT
Prismfly, a quickly growing Conversion Rate Optimization, Development, & Design consultancy is hiring a Head of People
Front-End, Remote, Hourly
Front end ‘Shopify’ (2.0) dev required to work with existing dev on a Dawn2.0 theme customization. From layout changes, styling customization and some custom JS driven functionality. Project on Jira/task by task Github PRs/comms on slack. Hourly rate fitting skills and experience. Fluent written and verbal English essential.
Front-End, Freelance
Awtomatic is looking to hire a support engineer for our app's onboarding team. Likely a fit for someone that is interested in freelance or contract-to-hire type engagement. Ideal candidate is in US/CA friendly timezones.

Tip of the Week

How to Edit Metafield Definitions

Once you create a metafield you can't edit the definition. But, there is a work around

When you remove the metafield-with-definition by clicking the delete button, you can choose between just deleting the definition or deleting both the definition and the metafield values.

When you choose the first option, you can select the metafield in the 'Metafields without a definition' tab. There you can click on 'Add definition' and set up the validation options in the way you want. This works fine for adding preset choices.