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The Milestone

The White House marked the 100-day historic milestone this week. Mr. Biden made it without being displaced or resigning. How did he do?  My take: these 100 days represent one of the most stunningly successful runs a new president ever presided over or, in Mr. Biden’s case, watched unfold without taking any direct leadership. The functionaries in the Old Executive Office Building followed an ambitious script to the letter. They largely accomplished the hundreds of objectives which had been laid out for them in a plan which had been in development for much longer than four years. Today the framework of a dictatorship is firmly in place because of strategic planning, careful attention to detail, hateful determination, and the passive acquiescence of the opposition party.

In fact, this is the crowning achievement of the 100-day steamrolling: Republicans have been effectively intimidated. As a party, they understand their new role is to go along with all the main priorities of the Democrat machine in exchange for a tranquil role in the new permanent oligarchy. Favored Republicans will enjoy a kind of immunity from being Republicans few others will enjoy. That tranquil role will have the appearance of power and influence as long as the true power and influence are wielded without opposition by Democratic royalty.


The critical story of the week

The developing news story of the week which overshadows all others is something called “events of adverse reaction” which are now being reported by Americans who received or administered one of the untested mRNA genetic injections being erroneously referred to as “vaccination.”  

The government and the media are both covering up the adverse reactions in both extent, scope and description. But concerned doctors are beginning to create independent databases. They wish to track both citizens who have received the injection, and American citizens who live in proximity to those who have received the injection. Both groups are now experiencing similar symptoms.   

When veteran osteopathic surgeon Dr. Lee Merritt was effectively furloughed in 2020 because most of her surgeries are elective, she used her time to begin looking at the more hidden aspects of the process of rolling out a vaccine. She discovered that only a very few people in tightly closed circles at the pharmaceutical companies know what is actually in the vaccines and have, to date, have not disclosed the most important details about the mRNA ingredients. She has also researched the science behind mask technology and misleading mask mandates and how those mandates are forced into individual communities. She has concluded that the rush to inject every American is not for contagion control, but for people control, or population control.

I’m currently researching the scope of the adverse reaction.  As of this week the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has received 3,848 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

For the following questions, please let me know if you find any credible information.  


·        Can mRNA spike proteins be transmitted to others in serum or aerosolized form?

·        How many patents does our government hold on SARS Cov2 or different vaccines? 

·        How many new vaccines are currently being created and how many of them will be rolled out as “booster” injections?  (one estimate: 89 new vaccines)

·        Will any animal testing be performed on any of these booster doses?  

·        How many doctors are currently recommending that no one receive the injections under any circumstances?

·        How many fatalities or now on record as an immediate reaction event, or one occurring months later? 

·        How many different blood disorders are now appearing? 

·        How many different forms of hemorrhaging are being reported?

·        How many different reports of severe anaphylaxis?

·        How many different reports of immune thrombocytopenia?               

·        How many pregnant moms have lost their babies in the second or third trimesters?

·        How many women who did not receive the injection are getting the same negative reproductive system symptoms as their female friends who were?

·        What is the new frequency of fatal or non-fatal sinus cavernous thrombosis? 

·        Is the mandated vaccine protocol more about contagion control or people control? 

·        Are mask mandates more about contagion control or people control? 

·        In how many nations will an RFID quantum dot be injected along with a vaccine?


How to deal with cultural upheaval 

If some adverse event is affecting you, it likely is affecting others too.  You can place inordinate focus on your personal challenges, or you can focus even more strongly on how to meet needs in others which are greater than yours.  Do what is right cheerfully, without regret or complaint.  America is entering a period of challenge.  1 Peter 4:9 commands, “Be hospitable to one another without complaint.”


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