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​DGI Tourism Project Kick-Off​

​About the Project​

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the Digital, Green, Innovative (DGI) Tourism project seeks to adapt the vocational education and training (VET) offering to the challenges of the digital age and climate change. It aims to accommodate the post-Covid travel sector needs through innovative approaches, enabling a smooth transition toward more sustainable strategies and future-proofing the tourism sector.
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Meet the Consortium Partners

The DGI Tourism Project is led by six participating organisations recognised as industry leaders in innovation, sustainability, and education
A frontrunner in innovation, research, and development, X23 oversees the management of the project and leads the development of the DGI Tourism training course.
Recognised for supporting companies to achieve world-class performance, Atlantis  leads quality assurance and evaluation activities of the project to ensure transparency and quality of project outcomes, delivery, and results. 
A leading training centre in dual education with a focus on contemporary teaching methods, digital skills and tools. BSHR leads the development of the DGI Tourism training plan.
As a recognised research and development expert in vocational education and training, ENAIP leads the development of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) profile for the "Digital and Green Tourism Expert".
Recognised worldwide in supporting sustainable tourism for destinations and businesses, Green Destinations serves as the sustainability and dissemination lead of the project.
Award-winning travel-tech startup TRAVEL2FIT leads the creation of a lean methodological framework that seeks to elevate VET offering towards innovation and sustainable thinking in the tourism workforce. 
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Ongoing Activities:

Toward a holistic training framework

A well-founded VET offering starts with the development of a sound methodological framework. The first phase of the project is on its way with the creation of a methodological framework that promotes innovation, re-adaptation, and reconfiguration in education. Leveraging well-recognised methodologies such as the Lean Methodology and Total Quality Management, the new framework aims to reshape the way tourism VET offers are created and delivered, effectively promoting sustainable thinking within the tourism workforce.

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