Build a product recommendation chatbot 
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Shopify Development News and Articles

How to Add Metafields To Your Shopify Products
Discover how to add Metafields to your Shopify products easily and quickly. In this step-by-step screencast tutorial for Online Store 2.0 themes, we'll walk you through the exact process of adding Metafields to your Shopify products.
Managing Shopify App Extensions Across Environments
There is plenty of documentation related to getting started with Theme App Extensions but there is very little information available regarding managing these extensions across dev, staging, and production environments.
Build a product recommendation chatbot
In this tutorial, you will build a product recommendation chatbot for a Shopify store using OpenAI's API and Gadget. The chatbot will utilize OpenAI's text embedding API to generate vector embeddings for product descriptions, which will then be stored in your Gadget database.
Shopify How to Migrate to Checkout Extensibility
On August 13, 2024 Shopify Scripts and Shopify.liquid will no longer be supported. All stores have to migrate to the new checkout extensibility before this date.
Liquid Cheat Sheet
Enjoy this quick reference to common Liquid tags and filters
Migrate Products from BigCommerce to Shopify
With Matrixify it is easier to migrate your BigCommerce Products to Shopify. This import will convert your BigCommerce Products into Shopify Products, create Redirects from old BigCommerce URL to Shopify URL and create Custom Collections that your products are in.
Shopify's Deprecation Tool for Ruby Apps
Deprecation Toolkit is a gem that helps you get rid of deprecations in your codebase. Having deprecations in your application usually means that something will break whenever you upgrade third-party dependencies. The sooner the better to fix them!
Serenity OS Browser hacking: Fixing a layout bug on
Follow Andreas as he works on the browser for Serenity OS. In this video he uses Shopify to expose edge cases and improve the browser. While not relevant to typical shopify developer work, its an interesting peak at how they put their site together and systems programming.
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