Shopify Editions Winter 2023 is out with Over 100 Updates 
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Shopify 2023 - MetaObjects, Section Groups & AI soon
Shopify Editions | Winter '23 has over 100 updates, but in this video I’ll cover Section Groups, Custom CSS, Translate & Adapt App, Metaobjects, Shopify Magic (writing product descriptions with AI), Shopify Flow with OpenaAI, and Shopify Product Bundles.
Shopify Updates 2023 (for Developers)
Get an overview of the more than 100 product updates just released in Shopify Editions Winter ’23
Built To Last - Shopify Editions | Winter ’23
Official Page Detailing the more than 100 Product Updates in Shopify Editions | Winter '23
How to work with Shopify Themes as an App Developer (Part 1)
In this two-part blog post, I’ll show you how to build your Shopify app so that your embedded interfaces work across the millions of unique storefronts that they may be installed on.
Gadget - the serverless stack for Shopify app developers
Meet OneLive, an ecommerce provider for musicians & bands that manages a fleet of 1200+ Shopify Plus stores. They leverage Gadget to give their team of frontend developers the ability to build Shopify apps that streamline operations and increase sales for their clientele.

Code & Tools

The power of metafields: real-world examples to optimize your e-commerce store
In this article, we'll explore some real-world examples of how e-commerce stores can leverage metafields to enhance their Shopify stores.
Bringing Javascript to WebAssembly for Shopify Functions
While we’re working on getting our Shopify Functions infrastructure ready for the public beta, we thought we’d use this opportunity to shine some light on how we brought JavaScript to WebAssembly, how we made everything fit within our very tight Shopify Function constraints, and what our plans for the future look like.
The Vanilla JavaScript Repository
The Vanilla JavaScript Repository. Because lighter plugins mean lighter sites
Combining discounts
Did you know you can now combine discounts in Shopify? When you set up discounts to be able to be combined, you select which classes of discounts can combine. Discount classes are like the categories of discounts. The classes that you can create are order discounts, product discounts, and shipping discounts.


Technical Lead, Full Time Remote North America / EMEA
As a Technical Lead, you'll be architecting solutions for a wide array of problems. We pride ourselves on being brave creative thinkers who are able to think outside the box to meet the needs of any business selling anything over the internet.
Front-End Developer, Freelance Remote Anywhere
Our ideal candidate knows the Shopify space well and has a knack for figuring things out. You'll be working with a project manager to scope out budgets and timelines as well as working out best solutions for problems.
Project Manager, Full Time Flexible North America / Remote
Project Managers are responsible for bringing an entire project together, from managing scope, working through backlogs, contributing to task delivery, resource planning, timeline, and controlling budgets.