Generate Product Tags in Shopify using OpenAI 
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Adding custom properties to Shopify products
In this video we learn all about Shopify custom product properties in theme development.
How to generate product tags in Shopify using OpenAI
Generating the right product tags manually can be a tedious process – particularly on large sites. Thankfully, there’s now a smarter way to approach this task: using OpenAI and its GPT3 technology to automatically generate tags for each of your products from the existing item descriptions in Shopify.
Shopify Supply - Example of One Page Checkout
If you are interested in seeing an example of Shopify's new one page checkout you can see it in action on their supply swag store.
Exciting Features of Shopify's Dawn 8.0.0 Theme
In this video, we'll take you on a tour of the latest and greatest features of the Dawn 8.0.0 Theme, from its sleek new design to its powerful customization options.
Build payment customizations
You can use payment customizations to hide, reorder, and rename the payment options that are available to buyers during checkout. In this tutorial series, you'll use Shopify Functions to create a function that lets merchants hide a payment option offered to customers at checkout, based on the total value of their cart.
How does Gadget make Shopify app development easy?
The platform's already connected to Shopify, letting you sync data and react to webhooks reliably. You get your own database, and a node.js environment to execute your code. The entire app is scaled by us as your usage grows. Best of all, you never deal with data reliability, security, tenancy, session tokens, or API versions.

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Create an amazing GitHub profile in minutes
Create an amazing GitHub profile in minutes Show off your skills, experience and projects. Generate markdown for your profile with just a few clicks!
Ruby Adds Support for WebAssembly
Ruby has joined the ranks of languages capable of targeting WebAssembly with its latest 3.2 release. WebAssembly has the potential to make Ruby a universal language.
React.js: The Documentary
The Documentary brings you the full story behind the early days of React, focusing on the dedicated group of developers who helped bring it to the world stage. This story is told by an all-star cast of developers like Tom Occhino, Christopher Chedeau, Pete Hunt, Sebastian Markbåge, Dan Abramov, and many more.
Behind the Scenes with React.js: the Documentary
A few weeks ago, I heard a movie about React was in the works. I wanted to connect with its maker to learn more about what went into the production process, its public reception, and what the team behind the movie took from the experience.


Front-End Developer Full Time, Remote, UK
We're looking for a Front End Developer who loves to solve problems and build engaging, modern user experiences for consumer facing brands. Someone who is able to work in a fast-paced agile team and manage their time effectively.
Technical Lead, Full Time Remote North America / EMEA
As a Technical Lead, you'll be architecting solutions for a wide array of problems. We pride ourselves on being brave creative thinkers who are able to think outside the box to meet the needs of any business selling anything over the internet.
Front-End Developer, Freelance Remote Anywhere
Our ideal candidate knows the Shopify space well and has a knack for figuring things out. You'll be working with a project manager to scope out budgets and timelines as well as working out best solutions for problems.