Ellen de Vries shares how to bring people together around digital projects in her free e-book on collaboration
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Issue 029

A playbook for better design & business collaboration

Designers in Business is proud to be sponsoring its first event, supporting the excellent work of Ladies that UX Brighton.

Next week's event is a hands-on exploration of how to use storytelling techniques to create engagement and investment in any facilitated session, hosted by the wonderful Ellen de Vries.

I've been lucky enough to attend Ellen's talks and workshops before and have always come away brimming with knowledge and new practical skills.

Unsurprisingly, the event is already a sellout. But if you're not one of the lucky people attending Ellen's workshop, I highly recommend Ellen's free e-book 'Collaborate: Bring people together around digital projects
⭐ Recommended e-book by Ellen de Vries - Freelance Content Strategy and Training
60 minute read
Collaboration skills are essential for anyone looking to improve their relationship with business stakeholders.

However, great collaboration takes work. The collaborative approach we take can heavily depend on the dynamics of the businesses we work with.

🤔 How is the organisation structured and incentivised?

🤔 What process do projects typically follow?

🤔 What tools & spaces are people working within?

"Every time we work with a new set of people we need to rethink the way we collaborate with them and start afresh"

Ellen de Vries
In the book, Ellen breaks down the four critical elements for collaborative success:

1. Know how to prepare the ground and create the right conditions for collaboration.

2. Nurture the group culture in the early stages of collaboration.

3. Maintain a healthy collaborative process.

4. Reap the rewards of a collaboration.

You can read the
e-book online for free, including downloads in Kindle or ePub format.
The cover of the ebook Collaborate: Bring people together around digital projects
So, how do you prepare to collaborate with business stakeholders? What are the biggest challenges you find when working closely with team members outside of design? I'd love to hear from you!

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