Palantir Technologies' stock surged about 23% after the company announced its expectation to achieve profitability every quarter in 2023.
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Market Snapshot 📷
S&P 500 4,119.17 -0.46%
Nasdaq 12,179.55 -0.63%
Dow 33,561.81 -0.17%
10-Year 3.526% +0.007%
Oil 73.50 +0.46%
Gold 2,042.30 +0.45%

*All data as of the previous day’s market close.

Markets & Economy
Bill Gross Advises Buying T-Bills to Bet Debt-Ceiling Issues Will Be Resolved (3 min read)

Bill Gross, the former CIO of fixed-income giant PIMCO, recommends buying short-term US Treasury bills as he expects the debt ceiling to be resolved eventually. Rates on these short-dated bills have soared in the past week after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned that the government could run out of cash as soon as June 1. Gross said it’s not a 100% chance, but it was always resolved at the last minute when looking back at the debt ceiling chaos in the past. He suggests buying the one or two-month Treasury bills for those who are less concerned.
China's shrinking imports, slower exports growth darken economic outlook (4 min read)

China's imports contracted sharply in April, indicating weak domestic demand despite the lifting of COVID restrictions. Meanwhile, exports grew at a slower pace, highlighting the challenges in regaining pre-pandemic momentum. This decline in trade flows raises concerns about the economic growth in China, given the frail recovery since reopening the economy. Some analysts think that it will decline further before bottoming out later this year due to the deterioration in the global economy.
Business & Stocks
Shares of data analytics firm Palantir surge 22% on profit forecast (2 min read)

Palantir Technologies' stock surged about 23% after the company announced its expectation to achieve profitability every quarter in 2023. The data analytics firm, known for its work with the CIA, reported a stellar Q1 driven by larger projects from existing commercial and government clients. The company’s new generative AI platform has also attracted a significant amount of interest. Palantir’s stock jumped 49% so far this year with its market cap rapidly rising. Its plan to turn quarterly profits throughout 2023 opens the potential for it to join the S&P 500 index. 
Under Armour sends potential warning sign about retailers’ profits (4 min read)

Despite beating revenue and earnings expectation, shares of Under Armour dropped more than 5% on Tuesday. The falling stock price was attributed to the company’s reliance on promotions and lower prices to drive sales this year, which resulted in a decline in gross margin. Under Armour expects margins to remain under pressure due to these promotions, but anticipates improvement throughout the year. The company’s challenge reflects broader trends in the retail industry, where retailers may need to offer discounts to move merchandise and maintain profits.
Funds & ETFs
ETF Focused on Oil Shipments Sets Sail (2 min read)

The Breakwave Tanker Shipping ETF (BWET) is the first ETF that offers exposure to the crude oil tanker shipping market. It was launched together by Breakwane Advisors and ETF Managers Group and was designed to specifically capture the potential growth in the oil shipping sector. However, BWET is down nearly 1% since it launched on May 2 due to falling oil prices and concerns about global economic growth. Despite the decline, the fund issuers still believe that major geopolitical changes in the oil markets will benefit the tanker business in the long term.
Investing in Bonds Made Easy: How Single Bond ETFs Are Changing the Game (4 min read)

Unlike stocks, buying individual bonds is more complicated for the average investor due to the nature of the vehicle. However, the introduction of individual bond ETFs like the suite from F/m Investments eliminates the complexity. These ETFs hold a single bond as their only asset and will roll over to the newly issued bond as soon it's released. F/m Investments’ single bond ETFs suite covers a range of maturities in the US Treasury market and given the Fed’s tightening cycle, they can be very popular over time. More on these ETFs are available in the article.
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