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7th December 2021


Here's a neat little app I discovered recently, DevUtils. It's basically a collection of useful little utilities bundled into a single Mac app.

It includes tools for formatting and validating data (JSON, HTML, CSS, etc.), converting data types (timestamps to date, JSON to YAML, etc.), inspecting data (JWT, Regex, diff, etc.), generating data (UUIDs, Lorem ipsum, etc.) and encoding/decoding data (base64, HTML entities, etc.). Check out the demo page for a full list of features.

And the best bit is that it does all of this offline. Often I'd reach for online tools to quickly perform tasks like this. However, you're never really sure if you can trust the website author not to use your data maliciously. At least with this app, you have the peace of mind that the data is being processed completely offline in a secure environment that you control.
Check out DevUtils
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