Happy Mother’s Day! 

Not surprisingly, Mother’s Day is always bittersweet now. I mean, it’s still great. I am still a mom, and in Colorado, we now can plant more flowers. (The Colorado adage is to wait until Mother’s Day to plant those outside annual flowers and your garden).  But we had special traditions on Mother’s Day that specifically relate to Mom. We used to buy her manure- so she could plant her garden. And the running joke was we gave her ‘shit’ for Mother’s Day.  And there was more.

The first time Mom sent me flowers on Mother’s Day (I was pregnant with Abe), I couldn’t figure out why she sent me flowers. Actually, I couldn’t figure out WHO sent me flowers.  They arrived the Friday before and I was baffled as to why I got flowers.  And then I read the card. I was in her club. I was a mom. That Mother’s Day, she and Joyce threw me a surprise Baby Shower.  It was awesome. 

What’s been going on? So many things!

In early April, Aaron and his family were in town, and we had several great days in Salida with Dad. I hosted a Labyrinth Walk at Dad’s house in partnership with Chaffee County Walks! and was such fun. Abe and Hannah joined in and we also celebrated Dad’s 80th Birthday.  It was so special to have Dad and his 5 grandchildren in Salida and walk the Labyrinth with everyone. My cousin, Justin joined too. It was truly a celebration!
Check out this incredible video from the Chafee County Walks!
After a hiatus from Dance, I started dancing again. And got invited to join in with the Alzheimer’s Association Mind & Movement Event in Colorado Springs. Getting to share our story AND doing dance and yoga was fantastically enjoyable. It melded so many of my favorite activities!  Returning to dance has been a joy. It feeds my soul in a wonderful way.
I also was able to join the Manitou Moms for lunch. The Manitou Moms started meeting for lunch 30 years ago when Aaron graduated. They loved connecting at the various activities the kids did (theater,music, sports) and they just couldn’t not keep getting together. I am so blessed to be an honorary Manitou Mom. I am working on the rest of the kids. Maybe it is time for the Second Generation of Manitou Moms to start getting together for lunch! We met at La Baguette. A bakery that has been around for 40 years and I have fond memories of being just 10 years old and going there!
On May 6th, my forever friend from High School, Christina,  hosted a beautiful afternoon of book reading, conversations, and Q&A. Dad joined me in the conversation and it was truly a wonderful salon-style open discussion that created intimacy and vulnerability.  Many of Mom's friends joined in and several friends I have known for over 30 years!  It was quite magical!  A huge thank you to all that attended and especially Christina for sharing her lovely home with us!

Exciting Updates with My Book and Speaking Engagements

My book is now available at the following locations.

The Book Nook, Buena Vista, CO
Refresh Studios, Denver, CO

What's Coming Up?

May 18, 1:00PM
KU Medical Center Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Weekly Webinar
This is a virtual event! I would love to have you join!

May 25:
Alzheimer's, Caregiving, and Grief: A Family's Perspective
In partnership with Area of Aging, A Church in Salida
419 D Street, Salida Co 81201
Join us for an informal conversation on Alzheimer's, Caregiving, and Grief
Dad and I are both passionate about sharing our story, navigating our own grief, and educating others on Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

I wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day- however, the holiday resonates with you. 
I think I will go buy myself some flowers.

All my love, 

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