Here's a no fluff guide to conducting user research to create a compelling value propostion    
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Here's one tip on how to create a mean value proposition that converts.

Today's issue takes about 5 minutes to read.

Peep the scenario

Ok, so imagine you've done some amazing research on your website.

In this amazing research, your remote user test analysis shows that customers don't understand what you're selling when they first reach your website (we're going to learn about remote user tests in a future lesson).

You can confirm this by looking at the low conversion percentage for new customers in Google Analytics.

How do you fix this?

Value props...that's how.

The value proposition is usually placed in the "hero section" of your website.

This is where your main image and headline live on your homepage.

The blog ConversionXL (or CXL if you're fancy), has a great definition of what a value proposition is:

"In a nutshell, a value proposition is a clear statement that offers three things: Relevancy, Value & Differentiation."

Differentiation is 🔑

It sets you apart from the competition and gives you the upper hand right away.

To create a badass value proposition you're going to need the following elements:

  1. A compelling headline. This draws the customer in and makes the customer feel at home right away.
  2. Supporting text. This should further tie into the headline above it.
  3. Call-to-action button. This button should be bold and contrast with any other color on the page.
  4. A compelling image. Depending on what you're selling, you're either going to want a great lifestyle photo here or a lifestyle product photo.
  5. Micro-conversions. These short bits of text help build trust and motivation with the customer.

Here's an example of a value proposition that my team worked on recently with our client Controlled Chaos Hair...

Now wouldn't it be great to be able to put one of these together?

Here's my stupid simple process for creating a value proposition

A good value proposition needs research.

You wouldn't go to your dentist and tell her to start pulling teeth out.

No. You'd be a civilized person and have that dentist do a thorough checkup before making recommendations.

That's exactly what we're going to do here.

Creating a value proposition from start to finish is going to take 5-10 business days.

Although I've made doing this research simple. It still takes work.

What's awesome, is that you're getting all of this game for 100% free.

It's a great way to get started with research right now.


Here's how you get started...

👉🏿 First, you're going to want to go through SSE #001: How to conduct a customer interview.

Customer interviews are going to give you direct feedback from your customer.

There's no better way to get this data and it's a great way to start doing research.

👉🏿 Second, take my 3-day conversion breakthrough challenge.

Once you sign up you'll receive a series of emails that will take you through understanding how to mine reviews.

The challenge will also show you how to create a value proposition with the information that you've found.

👉🏿 Third, use the information from customer interviews and review mining to create the most badass value proposition the world has ever seen!

You’re probably not gonna take over the world, but you will come close.

Now your website will be the one that people are copying from.

Your competitors will start to copy you and will never do it better because you have the gold....research.

Here are some examples to give you inspiration

When you look through these examples call out to yourself where the value proposition elements are.

Pay special attention to their headlines.

Ask yourself questions like…

“Why would they use that language here?”

“Would this resonate with me if I was a customer?”

“Does the image suck you in?”

Is the call to action button nice and contrasty?”

Yeah, I just made up the word contrasty but you can catch my drift.

Here are the examples…

Please remember that it’s always best to use a designer and developer to put this together for you.

In the 3-Day Conversion Breakthrough challenge, I put together a value proposition without a designer or developer because I want you to be able to do this no matter the circumstances.

But a designer and developer are the way to go.

If you’re looking for a team that can do this cheaply see the links below 👇🏿

Full Stack HQ - This is a great development and design team based out in the Philippines. I’ve personally used them.

FreeUp - You can find both developers and designers here. I’ve personally used their platform as well.

I hope that this newsletter helps you conduct the research to really understand your customers better and create a better user experience for your customers or your client's customers.

Aaaaand that’s a wrap, folks.

See you again next week.

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