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Hello Reverbians!
We hope your Spring is becoming the renewal you had hoped and that you are now garnering excitement for your Summer vacation choices (reverse this if you are in the Southern Hemisphere).   Here is what is on the agenda for all things Reverbia and Burning Man...which includes Registration...hooray!!!

Registration is Coming!!
Reverbia will be sending out our Registration in 2 weeks!!!  If you have been accepted to our camp, are on our email list, and in good standing with our camp...then you can sign up on our first come basis...and attend our wonderful 2023 Animalia programming and festival experience at Burning Man!  At this time, we are anticipating a slightly reduced population from last year...but will still keep our infrastructure and camp shared cost services.  

Reverbia 2023
Reverbia will again have our Main Stage, Shade Stage, Radiance Dome, and the Jam and Teahouse!  We will also have enough infrastructure for tent Shade camping and some day shade spaces to find relief...should 2023 be another scorcher like 2022.   We are readying our power grid for another possible heatwave year...and are looking at more tech features to make Reverbia more pleasant and sustainable for all of our camping experience.
We are hoping to present a large scale production of The 50th Anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon...and are currently in contact with a variety of artists who will once again...bring incredible shows to our stages.

Tickets To Burning Man
If you still need tickets to Burning Man, the STEP program is still a way this can happen. The next sale is also the OMG sale...which happens July 23- August 3. See for details.
Reverbia 2023 Leadership Team to meet via Zoom 
Reverbia will be having a 2nd all Leadership meeting this weekend May 13th.  This will be a meet and greet for our entire Leadership team...and will involve more discussions about the organization and planning of our 2023 Burn!  We do have so many of our past Leadership team returning to volunteer their time and effort...along with some added new Reverbians, who are also making themselves available for Leadership service.  We are still seeking an LNT Lead.  Email [email protected] with your interest.

Reverbia Campout Date
set for October 20-23 2023
Save your calendar for our Reverbia Campout located at Havenroot Camp in Veneta, OR...near Eugene, OR.  This is a weekend campout which truly unites and builds a deeper connection with your Reverbia Campmates...and we DO have so many amazing people who make up our special theme camp.  The Campout is live music, creative special event nights , intimate workshops, group games and serendipitous exercises...lots of laughter and intimate conversations...and great food...all in a mountainous pine environment (playa dust free).

Reverbia Connect
Check out our website at for information, camp organization, camp applications (for any friends, family, contacts who you want to join Reverbia), program schedules and music archives, videos, photos...basically all things Reverbia. 

Link in with our Reverbia Facebook Group 2023 to connect and message info to your Reverbia camp mates. We will also have a Reverbia Instagram account ready for action in our next email.

We are looking forward to another amazing Burning Man the excitement continues to Build!!!
Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

and the
Reverbia Leadership Team
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Reverbia Live Music Camp at Burning Man
3:45 & Esplanade
Black Rock City
United States of America
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