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The wit and wisdom of David Feherty make him the best golf commentator on TV. Listen to what he said about my favorite sport: "The world’s number one tennis player spends 90% of his time winning, while the world’s number one golfer spends 90% of his time losing. Golfers are great losers." 

I recently had the privilege of speaking to the Las Vegas chapter of Boys Team Charity on the topics of stress and resilience (You should check out the good work they do.). Resilience is also a key part of the CRUSADER mindset that I teach at Faith Lutheran MS & HS. While there are widely varying definitions of resilience, and equally diverse thoughts around building resilience, I think of it as piecing together a puzzle.

To help manage his frustration, NBA All-Star Luka Doncic has begun singing a song to himself to prevent his frustration boiling over.  Rather than confront an official and earn himself a technical foul, he's started singing a favorite Serbian or Slovenian song until the frustration passes. While Doncic is singing in his head, the benefits on singing out loud are quite clear.  It can relieve stress, enhance immunity, build social connection, and enhance trust.

The OODA Loop was devised by United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Originally designed for fighter pilots, it has broad application to sport, business, medicine, and leadership. OODA stands for Observe-Orient-Decide-Act. So remember to:
  • Observe the situation, seeing it as accurately and realistically as possible. This is often called situational awareness.
  • Orient yourself by looking for any cognitive biases, shortcuts, or barriers to clear thinking and objective evaluation. Orientation involves using multiple mental models as well as creating new ones to address novel problems.
  • Decide to act. If you've taken the appropriate time to observe and orient, the decision falls into place. Poor decisions arise from skipping one or both of the previous steps. To borrow from the scientific method, this is forming a hypothesis as to what will work.
  • Act Continuing the science analogy, action involves testing the hypothesis.
The key to victory is not just faster decisions, but better decisions. Taking control of the situation, rather than reacting to it, provides the upper hand. Likewise, disrupting your opponent's OODA loop can also lead to victory. While this is a vastly simplified explanation of the OODA loop, I encourage you to start applying it while learning more about it.
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