The first-ever issue of Jesse's World! Neat!
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Jesse's World
Jesse's World #1 "The Inaugural Issue!"

# Lately & Briefly

Welcome to the first ever issue of Jesse's World! I'm excited to get out of the business of blogging and get back into the business of sending out updates directly to folks who are interested. Let's get started!

Last month I finalized all the stories I want to include in my upcoming anthology The Man in the Moon & Others. Half of them will go straight into the anthology while the other half are going out to SFWA markets. Fingers crossed! The first time I was ever published by a magazine was back in high school, when I submitted a sad story called the Leaves of Summer to While scouring online to find it, I learned that is no longer in operation. It looks like I'll never find that sad story after all. 

But onward to new horizons! This month, I'll be finalizing a few of the longer mini-novellas for the anthology. While a great many of the stories will be on the shorter side (<5,000 words), several will be in the 10-15k range. I enjoy a good mix of lengths when I'm reading an anthology, and am hoping to provide an experience with ups, downs, lefts, rights, and a mix of excitement and expectation. My goal is to have this anthology complete by the end of the year. I don't want to make any promises yet, but I do have Christmas 2021 in my sights. I would say "fingers crossed," but we all know that the only thing we need is some dedicated writing time. 

For those of you who also write, the piece of advice I would like to share is one that I wish I had heard a long time ago: finish your story, get it out there, then get it closed. You have to move on; there are so many stories that need to be written, and we can't always get hung up on the ones that are already complete. Do a good job, of course, but know when to call the job done and get going on your next project. 

# Updates on Stories

  • Man in the Moon & Others, an anthology of sci-fi/speculative fiction stories. (Est. End of 2021)

# Recommendations

Here are some stories I read last month that stood out to me:
  • The Forward collection (link). Handful of short stories.
  • Ted Chiang's Exhalation (link) and Stories of your Life and Others (link). Both are anthologies.
Jesse Lawson writes speculative science fiction from his plant museum (aka home) in northern California. He enjoys breakfast food, long runs through nature, and helping people.

His bestselling techno-thriller EVOLVED is available on Amazon

His forthcoming anthology Man in the Moon & Others is set to release near the end of 2021. Stay tuned!
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