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Oops, this was meant to go out yesterday, but I had so much going on, it isn't even funny. I cleaned the house like I planned (boring but productive), I cross-stitched a bit of Oldest's birthday present (can't believe he's almost 12!!), and the family and I went to an art stroll on the square. It was an incredible amount of fun, and we managed to snag some pretty cool things. I got a cute pair of mushroom earrings, Oldest purchased a sculpture of an octopus bathing in coffee, and Husband got a pretty awesome looking painting. I love supporting local.

Remember Long Time Gone is on Kindle Vella here, if you want to read as it goes. If not, that's completely fine by me! It'll be released in its entirety as a novel at the end, anyway. 

I really have little to say today! Oddly enough, words are escaping me at the moment. So, without further ado, I'll let you enjoy your Sunday. I hope your weekend has been fun and relaxing.

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This month's Music Corner is Kill the Girl by RØRY.
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