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We're kicking this issue off with a series of quick videos from Shopify highlighting some of the juiciest developer goodness announced last week. Enjoy!

Shopify Editions Quick Takes

Meet Shopify Functions. A powerful new way to extend Shopify.
With Shopify Functions, developers have the flexibility to extend or replace native Shopify server-side business logic to meet the unique business needs of every merchant. Built on Shopify infrastructure, Functions can scale up for major sales events and still execute code in less than 5ms. Functions are available to all Shopify merchants, deployed with an app, and configured directly in the admin, so merchants never have to touch a line of code.
Introducing Hydrogen & Oxygen - the Shopify stack for headless
Build fast, headless storefronts with a React-based framework built by Shopify, for Shopify. From pre-built components and starter templates to hooks and utilities that map directly to Shopify’s APIs, Hydrogen gives you the tooling you need to accelerate development. When you're ready to get your storefront in front of customers around the globe, deploy directly to the edge with Oxygen: a built-in global hosting solution that’s just a simple “git push” away.
Build great commerce apps with Built for Shopify
We’re sharing exactly what a great commerce app looks and behaves like—no guesswork required. Built for Shopify includes new standards and App Design Guidelines with clear components and visuals for building an app. When apps meet Shopify’s new standards, they’ll be eligible to be featured on our highest-converting surfaces in the Shopify Admin and App Store. Your apps get more visibility, and business owners get access to the best commerce apps available.
Build faster - Shopify CLI 3.0, starter templates and more
Looking to build your first Shopify app? We’ve simplified the writing and pushing of an app in our CLI and also improved the navigation and app distribution process in the Partner Dashboard. We also shipped new getting started app templates as well as a sample app, so you can build faster.
Unlocking Shopify Checkout for Developers
Build powerful apps for Shopify checkout and Shop Pay with Checkout Extensibility. Now in developer preview, Checkout Extensibility is uniquely designed to be secure, fast, and upgrade-safe, providing everything developers need to optimize the checkout experience for buyers. The best part? For the first time, Shopify is unlocking the ability for partners to deploy their customizations through a custom app or public app on the Shopify App Store.

News & Articles

Why Ruby on Rails Is Still a Good Choice in 2022
very year, we’re pelted by articles proclaiming the death of this gem of a framework. And while Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a bit over 15 years old, it’s nowhere close to passing on from the world of programming. Why use Ruby on Rails, you're wondering? In fact, there are many use cases where RoR offers a better fit than any other tool.
Shopify Website Design: Examples, UX Tips & Navigation Best Practices
In this article: We will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful, functional, and user-friendly Shopify store that truly converts. We will highlight tips and examples of websites for all the important steps – from the user’s first visit to the checkout. We will also discuss the general benefits of using the Shopify platform and tell you how to prepare for the launch of your own online store.
Shopify gifts ecommerce websites more than 100 new features
Shopify has announced over 100 new features as it pushes to improve its ecommerce platform. At its bi-annual showcase, Editions, Shopify launched a new headless commerce offering called Hydrogen & Oxygen, as well as new ecosystem, checkout dev capabilities and various other upgrades.
Related products with product_list (sections & metafields)
Adding specific related products to a product page just got easier 🎉. Shopify recently added two new features that make this process a lot more straightforward and user friendly for the merchant. List values for product metafields The new product_list section input setting Prior to these we could use metafields, but we'd have to explain how to create metafields with namespacing and finding the product handle to merchants if they wanted to be able to edit/add them. This also made the process a little brittle, prone to spelling errors or changes to the product handle.



Embedded App Improvements with App Bridge
With the latest App Bridge enhancements, your app will now look, feel, and perform like it’s a part of Shopify. More specifically, App Bridge mobile apps can now load 85% faster from the Shopify iOS and Android apps when you enable mobile optimization for your embedded app. App Bridge apps can also now leverage full-screen mode, just like our first-party apps, for complex workflows in the Shopify admin. Lastly, apps that use the NavigationMenu component will now have their navigation embedded into the Shopify admin for faster, more natural access.
Introducing Shopify CLI 3.0
The updated Shopify CLI 3.0 is both easier to use and more powerful than ever. With Shopify CLI 3.0, we’ve simplified the development process by reducing the number of commands that you need to get started from 13 to 5. You can also now leverage a single project for your app and extensions, preview your entire project with one command, and push your entire project together with a single command when you’re finished.
App distribution decoupled from app creation, new Partner Dashboard navigation
What a relief - app distribution is now decoupled from the app creation flow in the Partner Dashboard! This means you no longer have to select a public or custom app type before you start coding. We’ve also improved the navigation within the Partner Dashboard and added a Distribution page, where can manage your Shopify App Store listing or generate your merchant install link. Also, if you’re building your app using Shopify CLI, you’ll be able to copy and paste the commands you need to get started right from the dashboard.


Nothing on the radar


Front-End and Full Stack, FT, Canada
Heather Tovey at iamota is hiring two new Canada-based team members for the iamota dev team: Front-End and Junior Full-Stack. Come work with me!
Enavi - Full Stack Shopify App Developer, US Remote
Become part of a small growing Shopify development and CRO agency. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create solutions you've found the right job. We are looking for a Full Stack Shopify App Developer who will be responsible for working with custom apps. The first project you will be working on is a custom subscription app
Maestrooo - Support specialist (junior position, remote)
Maestrooo is the leading Theme company on Shopify. Our themes are used by tens of thousands of merchants every year, ranging from bootstrappers to large companies, who take advantage of our beautiful design, stable code, and outstanding support. In order to cope with the constantly increasing support load, we are looking for a new support staff member who will help us to grow in a sane way.

Tip of the Week

Use Bundler in short Ruby Scripts

Do you have a small ruby script or a single file project where you'd like to use Bundler for gem management?

With inline support in Bundler, you can specify a Gemfile right inside your ruby code

Screenshot by Matheus Richard

Once in place there's no need to run the bundle command, simply running the script will install any gem dependences

Thanks to Matheus Richard for the tip and code listing!