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"A hot summer day spent pruning roses isn't pleasant — there's a lot of sweat and blood involved. But there's a very real sense of accomplishment when you're done.

You turn around and see the hundreds of plants you just cleaned up, and you know without a doubt that you've done something. It's a tangible sense of progress.

Humanity, I believe, is wired to crave that kind of accomplishment. Desk jobs don't deliver it.

Which is why my coworker is building a LEGO rocket in his home office."
Why you should build LEGO sets at work by Justin Pot at Zapier
We’re wired to derive feelings of accomplishment from physical, tangible progress.

(The kind that’s impossible to see if your work takes place entirely in the digital realm.)

All you need is that box of LEGOs gathering dust in your basement. 🧱
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Wary of the economy and looking to diversify your investments beyond index funds, but not sure where to start?

Here's a handy, high-level intro to alternative assets to help you get the lay of the land — from real estate to REITs, crypto, fine art and beyond, complete with the pros, cons and top investing platforms for each. (As always, do your due diligence.)
I love coffee. But sadly, coffee is just not that into me.

(It communicates this to me by unleashing a litany of unpleasant symptoms whenever I drink it.)

If you can relate, Dandy Blend may — at risk of overdoing this metaphor — offer a more harmonious relationship. It’s naturally caffeine free, super easy to make and tastes enough like coffee that I can almost convince myself I don’t miss the real stuff.

I just reordered mine and noticed that they’re offering free sample packs right now — so if you too find yourself in an unrequited love affair with coffee, you can give it a shot for free.
This one’s for my fellow Americans. (If that’s not you, skip this section.)

If you’re from the US and you’re not physically located in the US for most of the year, you're likely aware you can claim the foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE) to lower your tax bill.

But did you know that choosing your business structure strategically can further decrease what you owe? (For instance: if you’re a freelancer, choosing to file as an S Corp instead of an LLC can reduce your self-employment tax burden.)
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Who knew watching someone paint perfectly straight lines could be so soothing? 🎨
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