13th April 2022


The anniversary of the birth of Skakyamuni Buddha is celebrated in the spring. Different traditions have slightly different dates. For some, it is the full moon of May, for some the 8th of April. We shall celebrate between these two on the full moon of April which is this coming Saturday. Join us for all or part of the Upavastha.

Saturday 14:30 Upavastha: This month's Sangha Day we are celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha with Puja
, Sharing, Guided Meditation, Readings, Stories and Chanting until evening. A good time to meet other sangha members and celebrate the founding of the Buddhist tradition. It is free and open to everyone.
Meeting ID: 841 3055 4018  -:-  Passcode: 122936

Sundays 10:30, Global Sangha Interest Group
- Liz Allmark
Suggested topic: "If Buddha were born into our modern world"
An informal meeting for all.
Meeting ID: 889 7491 2642  -:-  Passcode: 537296

Sunday 20:00,  GS Friendship Group
An informal meeting for all
Meeting ID: 873 9408 4532  -:-  Passcode: 519784



10:00 & 20:00 Buddhist Psychology Seminars for students on the Diploma Programme. The 10:00 seminar will be led by Kimiko Nita and the 20:00 seminar will be led by Yaya de Andrade.
Codes circulated separately.
Enquiries about
the Buddhist Psychology Diploma Programme  to Jisshas <>

Refuge, Interest & Friendship Groups as usual.


Fri, Apr 22, 2022, 6:30 PM – Sun, Apr 24, 2022, 3:30 PM CEST


The EBU Team: Dear friends, we are delighted that in April our annual conference will again take place! This time the topic will be Unity and Diversity in European Buddhism. The conference will provide insights and practices so we may create a peaceful society - today this seems to be more relevant than ever.Host will be the Center for Spiritual Friendship Buddhism, Reiyukai in Nantes.  You can attend either in person or remote via video conferencing! (all sessions accept the workshops will be recorded and provided afterwards as video files).Make sure to get your ticket and all details about the event here. Also please forward this mail to everyone who might be interested to attend! Thank you very much for your support!



Photo by Iris Dotan Katz


Angela Romani: In Italy, has just been released, the film "Ennio", about Ennio Morricone, who died two years ago. He's been a great musician and composer. He became famous for film soundtracks (about 500 films) and he's known all over the world. He used to say that He was not the one to compose the music, but the music came to him. So he was inspired by "Other Power" for sure. His music is sublime, and I attach a piece of the soundtrack movie "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso".

The part of the film that mostly touched me is when Ennio spoke about his teacher, who was an academic musician, and who used to consider soundtracks something inferior compared with classical music. He felt humiliated for many years. But after the Oscar and other honored premiums he felt released. I felt his suffering, he was crying and I cried a lot watching the film!

He was so humble and a very spiritual person, so I'd like to share with you the music that I love so much!

You can hear more of his well known tracks here:



8-12th August 2022
At Eleusis, Central France  -  In person only

As last summer, a time for relaxed living in good company, sharing poems and other writings over brunch, going for walks, good conversation, community, communing with nature in the adjoining 35 acres of meadow and woodland where we hope, eventually, to establish the Oasis 2 Project.

Full board: 30€ per day, lower rate if you stay longer.

13-14th August 2022
At Eleusis, Central France  -  In person & Online

This year Global Sangha will celebrate Obon on the second weekend of August, which is also full moon, so this will incorporate the August Upavastha. Some of the event will be online. A more full and comprehensive event will take place at Eleusis, including a visit to the nearby community at Oasis. Nambutsu; chanting; readings; meditation; offerings to the ancestors and spirits; odori dancing and other celebratory activities. In person participants may stay longer if they wish to have some time for relaxation and to enjoy the area.

Full board: 30€ per day
Online: 25€ for the event

15-20th August 2022
At Eleusis, Central France  -  In person only

Of particular interest to those already on or hoping in the future to join the Buddhist Psychology Diploma Programme, but open to all who are interested, the Summer School will include seminars, workshops, experiential groups, demonstrations and discussions. There is no better way to deepen one's understanding and learn and refine skills. The event will be at David Brazier's house in France. Accommodation is limited so this will be a first come, first served, booking.
Full board: 30€ per day
Book now:
Info: Jisshas <>

Please note that Eleusis France has limited accommodation space: Eight people maximum including host. There is plenty of outdoor space if you prefer to camp. Life here is simple and rustic.
Informal visits may also be possible at some other times than for the scheduled programmes.

Photo by Sunsook Park


We say that the Buddhist scriptural texts consist of three "pitaka". Pitaka means "basket". Long ago, books were not bound, they were bundles of papers carried in baskets. The three pitakes are sutra, vinaya and abhidharma. Sutra are the direct teachings of Buddha, often in response to an enquiry, but sometimes given as a lecture. Vinaya are the stories of how the guidelines for monks and nuns came about. Abhidharma is a more scholarly form of literature which came about as people tried to systematise the teaching. It includes many lists: list of conditioning factors, lists of elements of mental activity, and so on. As such, it constitutes one of the first attempts in history at a systematic study of the mind and so is the origin of Buddhist psychology. So we can regard the abhidharma as a resource. However, we can also realise it as an activity. We can do our own researches into the mind and mental factors. If we want to refine our skills and "secondary factors" as bodhisattvas on the path, we can usefully study the relationship between language and mental functioning. We can refine our language. We can study how subtle shifts of language change meanings and implications. This is important in rhetoric and in therapy as well as in literature and in daily life. Whether a news broadcast labels a certain group as "terrorists", "insurgents", "rebels", "liberators" or "the resistance", for instance, gives a subliminal message about what one is supposed to think about what is being reported. Changing the word might still accurately refer to what is being transmitted, but completely change the hidden message. Dharma is about getting beyond surface appearance and comprehending deeper levels. If one can see through such subtleties one acquires greater freedom of mind. This is a political example, but the same is true at the personal level. Is one feeling "guilt", "shame", "embarassment", "dismay", "regret", "contrition", or what? Is it "joy", "elation", "triumph", "smugness", "exuberance", etc - getting the precise word can make a lot of difference. Although there is a sense in which experience is always "beyond words", it is still important and valuable to use language well and to avoid its pitfalls. 

Dogen Zenji: "The secret of life in willingness - words are its key."



Robert Althouse: I live at the cross roads of Zen and art. One thing they both have in common is a quality of whole-hearted attention that is brought to bear on the task at hand. It might be chopping wood and carrying water. Or it might be creating a work of art and happily losing track of time in the process. I think in our culture, we underestimate how important this quality of enriched attention is because it's become a rare and endanger species. Attention is the new currency. Without it you are at the mercy of other peoples' agendas. Madison avenue is only too happy to turn you into a good and obedient consumer.

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In the Spanish Pyrenees  -:-  Photo by Nando Maril


As followers of the Dharma we all strive to live good lives, to realise the ideals of honesty, non-harm, and pure living, but in experience we necessarily encounter the obstacles of karma, of circumstance and of our own habits and passions. We find that however hard we try we cannot fully control our wandering mind and we are easily moved by unwelcome emotions, not just by pure and beautiful ones. So we turn to the Buddhas for help. We recognise our own vulnerability and errors and the nembutsu naturally arises in us as if from a hidden spring. Then we feel gratitude for the blessing of being accepted just as we are.


The talk given on Saturday as part of the Dharma Ocean Course can be seen at

The ideas developed by these masters had a wide and profound influence upon the whole of Chinese Buddhism and influences our views on faith and practice and also on Buddhist psychology.


A small group are studying the history of the tradition. Last autumn we  studied the transmission in India in the early centuries following the life of the Buddha. In the spring semester there are study units covering the transmission of the  teaching  in China from the beginning of the common era up to the medieval period (13th century). This is a good course for gaining a deeper understanding of the way that the Dharma has spread and adapted to changing historical and social conditions. You can still join this course:


Jizo Bosatzu (Kshitibarbha Bodhisattva)

Photo by Kimiko Nita


All times are Rome time zone

Tuesday 17:00-18:00, 19th April & every two weeks
Italian Class
- Angela Romani  -:-  Meeting ID: 889 9850 0278  -:-  Passcode: 515887

Tuesday 18:00-19:00, 26th April & every two weeks
Italian Meeting - Incontro Italiano
- Angela Romani
Incontro di pratica e condivisione
Dettagli da Jisshas <>

Wednesday  21:00, 20th April & every two weeks
Dharma Bud: Peer learning and Dharma discussion
- Geeta Chari  -:-  Meeting ID: 858 9773 3604  -:-  Passcode: 108108 

Thursdays 16:30, Please note there will be no meeting on 21st April
Readings from the Commentary on the Summary of Faith & Practice
- Dharmavidya & Priti Vaishnav
Meeting ID: 865 6362 0686  -:-  Passcode: 274590

Thursday  14:30, 21st April & every two weeks
IBAP Group / BP Diploma Tutors Meeting
Codes separately notified

Thursday  19:00-20:30, 14th April & every two weeks
ITZI Supervision Group
- Iris Dotan Katz
For presentation, review and discussion of counselling/psychotherapy casework from a Buddhist psychology perspective.
Jisshas <>

Fridays  19:30
Amitabha Service For the West 
- Vajrapala & Angela Romani
Meeting ID: 894 8069 9209   -:-   Passcode: 137836

Saturday 10:00 & 20:00, 23rd April
Buddhist Psychology Seminars
For students on BP course: codes separately notified

Saturday 14:00, 9th April
Refuge Group
A group for those who have taken refuge. To join, please enquire via jisshas.
Codes separately notified.

Sabado 16:30
Encuentro de la Sangha en español y servicio.

Guiado por Ganendra.
Por zoom.
Para asistir, escribir por whatsapp a +34 620265962.

Saturday 16th April 
Uposattha Sangha Day: Birth of Buddha
12:00 Dharma Ocean Seminar.
14:30-20:00 Upavastha: readings, sharing, puja, meditation & chanting. Review of the month past and renewal of practice resolution for the month ahead.
Tickets <>
Free to students on BP & DO courses.

Sundays 10:30,
Global Sangha Interest Group
- Liz Allmark
An informal meeting for all.
Meeting ID: 889 7491 2642  -:-  Passcode: 537296

Sundays 20:00
GS Friendship Group
An informal meeting for all
Meeting ID: 873 9408 4532  -:-  Passcode: 519784

23 y 24 de abril de 2022
Retiro urbano presencial en Bilbao (Bizkaia)
Sesiones de mañana, de 9,30 a 14h. Existe la posibilidad de asistir parcialmente
al retiro, uno de los dos días. Info:


Jisshas <> - for all general enquiries
Tickets <> - to book courses


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