9th March 2022


The following is an inscription in the main hall of Zojo-ji Temple.

The mind is restless and uneasy. We can hardly maintain peace of mind continuously and in some cases may feel completely helpless. So, let us find refuge in the Pure Land Dharma; devote ourselves to Amida Buddha; rely upon Nembutsu. Namu Amida Butsu.


David Brazier: Sometimes there are big troubles in the world that we, individually, can do nothing about. Sometimes there are big troubles in our individual lives and at times there is nothing one can do. Sometimes there are small troubles that, in the moment when they orrur, can be just as affecting as the big ones. Sometimes one's own heart and mind throw up disagreeable feelings and it seems impossible to shake them off. Sometimes we experience real grief, when near ones suffer, leave or pass away. We ourselves and all those we love shall all age, get sick and one day each of us will die. All this is dukkha. It is a truth we cannot deny. Sometimes one might chastise oneself that one cannot be in control, cannot be master of one's feelings. Sometimes one might delude oneself for a short time that one has done so, but, inevitably changeableness upsets one's conceit. There is no safe refuge in body, mind or circumstance. Therefore, take refuge !  Do not live for your own petty fame and gain, but be part of the great work of all the Buddhas. Take refuge in their vows and their infinite merit. Especially, take refuge in Amida, Amitabha, Buddha of All Acceptance, whose grace fills the cosmos. Say the nembutsu in all situations. Then the Buddha seed, the tathagatagarbha, will flourish and one will be as a mirror reflecting the Light into this world of troubles, even before having solved the tangles of one's little life. This is the practical nirodha. By this means the Buddha path (marga) unfolds even in this samsaric world. By this means one can be wholehearted, even in spite of one's weakness, limitations, foolishness and vulnerability. For the ordinary person in this latterday world, this is the surest way. Namo Amida Bu. 



Refuge Group Meeting at 14:00


Both meetings are informal meetings for friendly discussion among Dharma practitioners on topical or personal matters.

Sunday 10:30 Interest Group
An informal meeting for all.
Meeting ID: 889 7491 2642  -:-  Passcode: 537296

Sunday 20:00,  GS Friendship Group
An informal meeting for all
Meeting ID: 873 9408 4532  -:-  Passcode: 519784


Saturday: "Buddhist Psychology, Listening & Facilitating"
seminars for students on the Buddhist Psychology programme
at 10:00 & 20:00 (Rome) 
Sunday: Golden Chain Meeting at 12:30
Codes separately notified


Saturday: Dharma Ocean (History) Lecture at 12:00, followed by Upavastha from 14:30



On Thursday 3rd March 2022 we celebrated Losar, the tibetan New Year, at Oasis, the Buddhist community a short distance from Eleusis. Good to spend the time with Dharma friends.
Sherab, Dharmavidya, Patrick  -:-  Dharma Companions at Losar at Oasis, France
Photo by Annette Tamuly Jung


23 y 24 de abril de 2022
Retiro urbano presencial en Bilbao (Bizkaia)
Sesiones de mañana, de 9,30 a 14h. Existe la posibilidad de asistir parcialmente 
al retiro, uno de los dos días.
Vivimos tiempos de incertidumbre, de miedo y de conflicto. La situación actual de guerra en Ucrania, después de dos años de tensión por la pandemia nos causa gran preocupación. Es importante que nuestra práctica nos ayude a encontrar la calma y el sosiego que nos falta cuando todo parece derrumbarse.En este retiro exploraremos el camino hacia la paz interior, y cómo esa paz también contribuye a la paz en nuestro entorno. Parte del retiro se basará en el silencio, pero no exclusivamente, de manera que además de las prácticas de mindfulness y meditaciones guiadas y en silencio, charlas y enseñanzas, compartir en grupo, así como otros ejercicios.
El retiro presencial se realizará por la mañana, quedando las tardes para la práctica personal en silencio y soledad, o con la posibilidad de integrar la práctica del silencio y la paz interior en la vida cotidiana. Si el clima lo permite se realizarán practicas en los jardines de la casa, al aire libre.

Los viernes por la tarde a las 17,30h
Sesiones de práctica de la meditación 
Esta actividad está abierta a todas las personas interesadas en practicar en grupo. La aportación es de 15 euros al mes para los gastos del local, o de 5 euros por sesión. 
Información e inscripciones: AHORA, CENTRO DE PSICOLOGÍA Y CONSCIENCIA PLENA. Teléfono: 945 12 09 48 y 620 265 962.
Correo electrónico: [email protected]

Los sábados a las 16,30h
Encuentro de la Sangha en español y servicio
Guiado por Ganendra.
Por zoom.
Para asistir, escribir por whatsapp a +34 620265962.

Estamos programando más actividades  que os iremos anunciando a medida que se vayan organizando.
Por newsletter, escribe solicitándolo a: [email protected]

It is daffodil time in France  -:-  Photo by David Brazier

From the Avatamsaka sutra

Generosity: the person of faith has a spirit of generosity, willingly offering assistance.
Kind words: s/he speaks words of simple faith and kindness that bring peace and inspiration. 
Beneficial action: the bodhisattva puts the spirit of Dharma into action by skilful means.. 
Cooperation: s/he works with and supports others in their good deeds, always transferring merit.


According to the Avatamsaka Sutra there are innumerable river spirits who do the work of the Buddhas by producing swift currents, purifying rivers and springs, washing away dust to give clear vision, energising with roaring noise, rescuing sentient beings, flashing light, everywhere causing joy to arise, being a symbol of widespread virtue, shining and replenishing the ocean. They are diligent in benefitting living beings.

Sitting by the stream
I watch their ceaseless dancing
and dissolve in joy.
The spirits of the river:
Dharma dancing in my heart.


A small group are studying the history of the tradition. Last autumn we  studied the transmission in India in the early centuries following the life of the Buddha. In the semester that is just starting there are study units covering the transmission of the  teaching  in China from the beginning of the common era up to the medieval period (13th century). This is a good course for gaining a deeper understanding of the way that the Dharma has spread and adapted to changing historical and social conditions. You can
 still join this course: Tickets <>


One of the wonderful things about GS is that it is a small collection of people who are truly global. Recently there have been many discussion about the correct Dharma attitude and response to current affairs and world events. Divisive things have happened in the world including the debate about vaccination and now the war in Ukraine. It has been hugely valuable to have respesentation from so many countries. On Sunday, for instance, there was disussion about why India had not supported the condemnation of Russia by NATO countries at the United Nations. It was so useful for have Indian sangha members present to give that perspective. One's understanding of the world is so much richer when one can see from several viewpoints rather than being absorbed by the momentum of the media of one's own country alone. In GS there is respect for differences of perspective. This is what makes it a real sangha. Meetings where we get a view from Japan, form the Middle East, from South America, not merely from the dominant lands.



Photo by Carol English


All times are Rome time zone

Tuesday 17:00-18:00, 22nd March & every two weeks
Italian Class
- Angela Romani  -:-  Meeting ID: 889 9850 0278  -:-  Passcode: 515887

Tuesday 18:00-19:00, 15th March & every two weeks
Italian Meeting - Incontro Italiano
- Angela Romani
Incontro di pratica e condivisione
Dettagli da Jisshas <[email protected]>

Wednesday  21:00, 16th March & every two weeks
Dharma Bud: Peer learning and Dharma discussion
- Geeta Chari  -:-  Meeting ID: 858 9773 3604  -:-  Passcode: 108108 

Thursdays 16:30,
Readings from the Commentary on the Summary of Faith & Practice
- Dharmavidya & Priti Vaishnav
Meeting ID: 865 6362 0686  -:-  Passcode: 274590

Thursday  14:30, 10th March & every two weeks
IBAP Group / BP Diploma Tutors Meeting
Codes separately notified

Thursday  19:00-20:30, 17th March & every two weeks
ITZI Supervision Group
- Iris Dotan Katz
For presentation, review and discussion of counselling/psychotherapy casework from a Buddhist psychology perspective.
Meeting ID: 818 8810 0021  -:-  Passcode: 153110

Fridays  19:30
Amitabha Service For the West 
- Vajrapala & Angela Romani
Meeting ID: 894 8069 9209   -:-   Passcode: 137836

Saturday 14:00, 26th March & 9th April
Refuge Group
A group for those who have taken refuge. To join, please enquire via jisshas.
Codes separately notified.

Saturday 19th March 
Uposattha Sangha Day
12:00 Dharma Ocean Seminar.
14:30-20:00 Upavastha: readings, sharing, puja, meditation & chanting. Review of the month past and renewal of practice resolution for the month ahead.
Tickets <>
Free to students on BP & DO courses.

Saturday 10:00 & 20:00, 12th March
Buddhist Psychology Seminar "Buddhist Psychology, Listening & Facilitating"
For students on BP course: codes separately notified

Sundays 10:30,
Global Sangha Interest Group
- Liz Allmark
An informal meeting for all.
Meeting ID: 889 7491 2642  -:-  Passcode: 537296

Sunday 12:30, 13th March
Golden Chain Meeting
Codes separately notified 

Sundays 20:00
GS Friendship Group
An informal meeting for all
Meeting ID: 873 9408 4532  -:-  Passcode: 519784


Jisshas <[email protected]> - for all general enquiries
Tickets <> - to book courses


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