Happy holidays!
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Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

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If you or someone you know would like a free Christmas meal basket from the Scotland House, please complete THIS FORM by December 9th.

HCC has free winter jackets and medication lock box​​​​es. Please email [email protected]. We can meet you at our office in The Junction Marketplace.

We would also like you to know that the Vermont Crisis Text Line can be texted at 741741 and the new Mental Health Lifeline can be called or texted at 988.

Em, Kelly, and Amie
The HCC Team
What a year 2022 was! None of the work HCC does would happen with our fantastic community members, so THANK YOU for a great year.

Our HMMS Getting to Y group had a busy spring analyzing their YRBS data and decided that mental health was the main priority. They got to work improving bathrooms where students to go take a break or cool down, because unfortunately there was a lot of negative graffiti and lack of adequate supplies. They presented their findings at a Community Dialogue Night in May. This school year, we brought a new group of Getting to Y students to Montpelier to get trained in data analysis and hosted a middle school retreat at the tech center. The next Community Dialogue night with these youth is TBA in early 2023.

The community also came together in the spring to participate in several Community Conversations around safety and what our ideal Hartford would look like. We have analyzed and revisited that information recently. Save the date for January 16 to continue the conversations!

Summer kicked off with our 8th Annual Block Party and then went right into our 8-week summer meals program! We couldn't have done it without our driver, Kevin Leduc, and volunteer/site coordinator, Cass North, as well as 44 volunteers who gave 235 hours of their time!

There were outdoor movies in the park in partnership with Parks + Rec and Mascoma Bank and FABULOUS pool parties every Thursday in partnership with Parks + Rec and DJ's Sean and Jayden from LiveMixKings. We also co-hosted a Glow Skate at Barwood Area for over 50 youth in November - keep your eyes peeled for another Glow Skate for youth in early 2023!

In the fall we jumped right back into school programming, debuting new swag at the middle school on bullying prevention day. We reached over 1000 individuals during Trunk or Treat!

In the midst of it all, we have been teaching Youth and Teen Mental Health First Aid, tabling at community events, attending and presenting at conferences, and working with the local Turning Point center to get youth involved. Visit hccvt.org to read more (and see photos!) in our annual report.
Annual Report
How to Donate to HCC
Your time and involvement with HCC is the most valuable to us, but if you have a little extra to share this holiday season, even a $5 or $10 donation goes a long way.

We appreciate any donation you are able to contribute!
Venmo @HCCVT
Signatures Needed for Town Appropriation Funds

HCC needs signatures from 500 registered voters in Hartford to secure ongoing $25,000 in town appropriation funds. We have received this money in the past, it is currently set aside for us (no increase in your taxes due to us). However we missed the deadline to reapply and need your signatures to support us staying on the ballot for voting in March.

HCC will be collecting signatures at the WRJ Coop, High School Basketball and Ice Hockey Games, Quechee Post Office. Please stop by and see us!

If you have a population of REGISTERED HARTFORD VOTERS that you hang with - please let us know, we'll come to you for just a few minutes! Get in touch with Em: [email protected]
Community Conversations: Save the Date!
We greatly appreciated your participation in the Community Conversations we held in the spring. We learned a lot and have pulled some important data out of it. The findings can be accessed below.

We presented and reviewed that data recently and have scheduled another conversation for this winter.

Save the date for January 16 6-7:30pm

to keep this work moving forward!
Data Findings
Learn More
Free Virtual Parent Education Programs
Strengthening Families with Teens -
starting November 2, Wednesdays 4pm

Nurturing Skills for Families -
starting November 7, Mondays 10am

Nurturing Program for Families in Substance Use Treatment & Recovery -
starting November 30, Wed 10am

Strengthening Families Birth -3 -
starting November 30, Wednesdays 5pm

Nurturing Skills for Families -
starting December 1, Thursdays 5pm

Nurturing Skills for Families -
starting December 16, Fridays 2pm

Nurturing Father’s Program -
starting December 19, Mondays 11am

Reach out to [email protected] for more information.
"Awkward Conversations" Podcast Series
It's never to early to start talking about risky behavior.

Check out this start-studded series of short videos to help you navigate bringing up your child in today's world.
Podcast Link
Full Article Here
The Stigma and Shame of Loneliness
If you’re lonely and feel uncomfortable sharing this information, you are in good company. Here’s why.

In 2018, BBC Radio 4’s program “All in the Mind” conducted The Loneliness Experiment in collaboration with researchers from The University of Manchester, Brunel University London and Exeter University. More than 55,000 people worldwide responded to the survey making The Loneliness Experiment the largest-ever study of loneliness (Manchester Institute of Education, 2018).

The psychologists devising the questionnaire did something particularly interesting. They avoided using the words lonely or loneliness in some of the questions, and something curious happened. 30% of respondents who said they were ‘never lonely’ changed their answer when the question was asked a different way, such as whether they would like some company. These results demonstrate that many of us do not want to admit feeling lonely (Manchester Institute of Education, 2018). But why exactly?

The survey revealed higher levels of shame among people who acknowledged their loneliness. This tells us something that we probably already know intuitively; there is a stigma surrounding the experience of loneliness (Lau & Gruen, 1992). The US Surgeon General, Dr Vivek Murthy, puts it this way:

“People who feel lonely often are ashamed to admit it. They think it’s equivalent to admitting that they are not likable or that they’re socially insufficient in some way” (Suttie, 2020)
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