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Shopify FAQ section accessible & seo friendly
On most projects I've worked, I've come across this requirement. FAQ, accordion, or drop-down, is a core component of almost every store. I've seen it done wrong too many times. Hard to configure, heavy on performance, lack of accessibility, or unsemantic markup, these are just a few things that this widget is trying to solve.
Why Amazon makes you click a box to redeem coupons
Saving money can take a little extra effort: clipping coupons, searching for a promotional code, signing up for an email list. Why does Amazon make us go through the extra step of clicking a box to "save $2 when you apply this coupon?" Why doesn't the coupon just apply automatically?
That’s Not What Ships Are Built For
This article is about how I manage to get through these new endeavors, and deliver consistently great software, each time, all the while, learning new tech and exploring distant shores.
Search at Shopify—Range in Data and Engineering is the Future
I’ve taken these painful experiences to heart when helping build Shopify’s search team. I want to share why range is a core team principle that separates us from the herd and sets us up for long-term success.
The keys to smart growth with Shopify Plus Agency UWP
A lot goes into growing a Shopify store. Building an engaged following, creating and optimizing your store, and finding the best marketing tools that help you reach your ideal audience are just the start. It can feel overwhelming for some store owners, especially if you’re not a natural when it comes to promotion and marketing.
Spent weeks on auth, again? Building yet another full text search?

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Code & Tools

A Free Tool to Generate One Click Shopify Checkout Links
I built a free & simple tool to generate one click Shopify checkout links with all the possible options -’ll be building a bunch of little free tools for merchants.
Build a referral program for your client and earn $100
Conjured Referrals is an app built by devs, for devs. That's why we want to reward devs for recommending us to their clients. Install the app free on any development store, and check out the top 3 ways using Conjured Referrals will make you look good in the eyes of your clients.
How to Level Up Your App with Theme App Extensions
When building a Shopify app that interacts with the online store, one of the most difficult aspects that developers encounter is ensuring that their app integrates safely and easily with all themes, while still being straightforward for a merchant to install. Shopify's theme app extensions aim to remove this challenge by introducing a new streamlined method for apps to interact with themes, that improves the experience for both developers and merchants
Responsive Product Page for Shopify with Tailwind CSS
Let's make the product page responsive. It's an important part of our theme and you learn different ways to use flex and grid for responsive web design.
Sorbet: Stripe’s type checker for Ruby
Sorbet reinforces the delightful bits of Ruby while making engineers more productive. Not only has it made code easier to understand, it’s even helped shape and reinforce Stripe's engineering culture as we've grown. But before we dive into what makes Sorbet… Sorbet, let’s take a short step back in time to its origins at Stripe.
Abstraction in Rails
High-level languages (Ruby, Python, Java, C++, etc.) provide a layer of abstraction. Instead of having to think about a bunch of low-level details that we don’t care about most of the time, we can specify the behavior of our programs at a higher, more abstracted level. Instead of having to expend mental energy on things like memory locations, we can focus on what our program actually does.


I don't know what's going on, but I'm currently seeing over 12 changelog entries for April 1st alone.
Rather than list them all out I recomend you head over and read them for yourself this week.


April 13 - Introduction to Working With Shopify Themes
Following this practical workshop you’ll be able to set up a local development environment and edit theme code to customize an example storefront. We’ll also explore Shopify’s Liquid templating language and learn how it can be leveraged to display dynamic store content.


Design Lead, UK remote
We’re a fully remote digital agency consisting of around 40 employees. We’re data-driven and passion-fuelled. We use our unique mix of expertise to design, build and grow best-in-class ecommerce brands – because their success is our success.
Marketing Web Developer, India / SE Asia (Remote)
You’ll work with the Marketing Lead to develop our robust marketing ecosystem of websites, landing pages, integrations, analytics, and more. As a part of this team, you will be a key part of our app integration, and app growth efforts.