Japan’s financial asset bubble in the 1980s is the biggest in the world in modern time history. After over 30 years, Japan’s stock
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S&P 500 4,124.08 -0.16%
Nasdaq 12,284.74 -0.35%
Dow 33,300.62 -0.03%
10-Year 3.463% +0.066%
Oil 70.10 -1.09%
Gold 2,016 -0.22%

*All data as of the previous day’s market close.

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Markets & Economy
UK economy limps along as high inflation hits spending (2 min read)

The UK's economy only grew by 0.1% in the first quarter of 2023. The sluggish economic growth is attributed to high inflation, negative real wage growth, and a rise in the cost of living. The Bank of England has already raised interest rates for the 12th consecutive time this month to combat double-digit inflation in the UK. Although inflation remains high at above 10% annually, the bank anticipates a sharp decline in the coming months and expects the UK to avoid a recession this year.
The Biggest Asset Bubble in History (4 min read)

Japan’s financial asset bubble in the 1980s is the biggest in the world in modern time history. After over 30 years, Japan’s stock market is still nearly stagnant and for that reason, it has spooked many investors in the country from investing. This article share statistics and facts about the Japanese bubble and compared it to investing in the US stock market during the Great Depression, and emphasizes the psychological impact it had on investors.
Business & Stocks
Here's How Much Tesla Stock Could Gain As Musk Steps Down As Twitter CEO (2 min read)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that he had hired a new CEO for Twitter and will soon step down from the role. An analyst said the move can add roughly $15 per share to Tesla's stock as it will boost confidence in the company again for investors who were concerned with Twitter being a distraction from Tesla. The market initially reacted positively to the news, with Tesla shares popping a few percent, but the gains were wiped later over the report that Tesla is recalling 1.1 million vehicles in China.
George Soros Bets Against Ford (4 min read)

A few months ago, billionaire investor George Soros was betting on Ford to close the gap with Tesla in developing electric vehicles. Throughout last year, he had been massively acquiring the company’s bonds. However, his view on Ford took a sharp U-turn recently as he sold all of the bond holdings and picked up $1 million worth of put options on the stock. His bearish bet also came at a time when Ford is aggressively ramping up spending and production on electric vehicles. Despite his skepticism about Ford’s performance, its stock is up over 8% this year.
Funds & ETFs
How Does Gold Perform With Inflation, Stagflation, and Recession? (5 min read)

Gold has rallied and been outpacing the S&P 500 in response to headlines of banking stress and the potential impact on the Fed's hiking path. Investors have always questioned if gold is a good inflation hedge and with a possible recession or stagflation coming, many now wonder how gold will flair in those environments. Historically, gold has generally performed well during inflation, stagflation, and recession. This article takes a closer look at those data and compares it to modern times.
Regulator suspends fund manager Emerge Canada (3 min read)

Regulators have suspended the registration of Emerge Canada, a Canadian fund manager known for its suite of ARK-linked ETFs, for failing to file audited accounts on time. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) ordered the firm to wind up its ETFs or transfer them to a different manager. The suspension comes after the discovery of an unusual financial arrangement where Emerge Canada owes the ETFs around C$5.5 million. The OSC had previously imposed a trading ban on the ETFs after the firm failed to meet a filing deadline for financial statements.
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