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NRMII: March Follow-up

National Rejoin March II: 
  • Dorset for Europe attended the march in London September 23rd, travelling by coach, car and train.
  • Thank you to all supporters who made it on the day, which was held to be a success by those attending: read about it here. 
  • We're still processing the offers of help through questionnaires completed on the coach - please bear with us. 
  • Reports of the number attending varied across platforms: the Met Police said there were "well in excess of" 20,000 and some commentators thought there were nearer to 40,000. 
  • UK mainstream media generally ignored the event, although the march was widely covered by overseas news outlets and programmes.
  • Complaints about the lack of BBC coverage featured in their 'Newswatch' programme.
  • You can watch the speeches from the day here, or by subscribing to the NRM YouTube channel.
More coverage soon
  • The NMR Committee are continuing to process material from the event - and you can join in!
  • 'NRM Speaks' is a series of short, portrait videos that they will be putting out shortly, aiming to have something each day on different social media platforms, like Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube etc.  
  • If you want to take part by sending in a short video or just to find out more about the new initiative, check here.

Local Events

We were at the Liberal Democrat conference!
  • Dorset for Europe was stationed outside the Bournemouth International Conference Centre, to provide conference-goers with stickers and hand-held EU flags.
  • These were warmly welcomed by the majority of those heading in to listen to speeches. We were told that any mention of the European Union gained a huge cheer!
Boscombe Beach Clean 
  • Sporting 'Dorset for Europe' high-viz vests and working in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), a hardy group of litter-pickers cleared and surveyed a patch of Boscombe beach on 10th September.
  • A record was made of the kinds of litter collected and passed (with the litter in two sacks!) to BCP Council and MCS. Read more details on our website, here.
  • We plan to make this an annual event, so watch this space if you'd like to join us next time!

Join, Watch, Read 

  • Dr Noni Stacey - LSE Library Events: in London or online: Thursday 19th October,18.00. "Leave to Remain - A Snapshot of Brexit" Free tickets here TODAY
  • Professor Danny Dorling (Oxford University), in London or online. Wednesday 25th October, 18:00.  Brexit: a failed project in a failing state? Free tickets here
  • Brendan Donnelly (Director of the Federal Trust) - London4EU Webinar or in person Thursday 26th October 18:45. Rejoining the EU - Why, When and How? Free tickets here.
  • Guardian Newsroom - Panel discussion streaming on Thursday 23rd November 20:00. How do we move on from Brexit? Details and tickets on a 'pay what you can' basis from £10, here
Watch Read 
West Country Voices
Dorset for Europe is part of the editorial team for West Country Voices. and we're always interested in new articles or letters to the editor about items of current interest.
Some recent articles here:


Saturday 28th October, 3-5pm; Dorchester Eurocafe 
  • After a break over the summer, the Dorchester meetings will restart this month, no special agenda this time, but please come along for a chat. 
  • We usually meet  in ‘The Snug’ at the Vivo Lounge, 23 Weymouth Avenue, Brewery Square, Dorchester DT1 1QR
  • Check out our Eurocafe website and you can now follow us on Twitter @EuroCafeDorch
Saturday 4th November, 11am - 1pm; East Dorset Eurocafe
  • We are continuing with our regular monthly Eurocafé meetings in Longham. They take place on the first Saturday of the month: a friendly, informal get-together with like-minded people at:
  • The Angel Inn, Ringwood Road, Longham, Dorset BH22 9AP.
  • We've set up a WhatsApp group for the Angel meetings to improve communications for the future. Email us your mobile number if you'd like to be included.

Links and Connections
Dorset for Europe
Dorset for Europe has close links with many  organisations and we are aware of others whose aims are similar to ours. Some key organisations are highlighted each month. Please tell us of any organisations that you think we should know about.
Best For Britain
  • Best for Britain was very active in promoting the People's Vote campaign before Brexit was finalised. During that time, they gained considerable expertise in polling on issues of importance to the electorate.
  • Now, they use that expertise with a view to 'fixing the problems Britain faces after Brexit'. 
  • They have expanded their scope to encompass, e.g., trade and the environment, better democracy, affordable food. Read about some of their work here

Don't forget! 
  • Check out our website for regular updates and information
  • Check in to Facebook, on
  • Follow us on twitter @Dorset4E

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