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11th December 2021


Continuing with the theme of tools built by Laravel developers, this one is from the guys at Spatie called Ray.  Similar to how Tinkerwell allows you to run commands using a UI instead of the command line, Ray allows you to "dump and debug" code outside of your code environment.

You can pass any kind of data (strings, array, objects, etc.) to a `ray()` method anywhere in your code and it will appear in the Ray app displayed in a clean, helpful format. I've found it particularly useful when trying to debug code running outside of the browser where normal `dump()` commands won't work (e.g. in queue jobs).

Ray was designed for Laravel initially but now comes with support for PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, Go and Bash applications as well as framework support for WordPress, Yii2, and Craft CMS.
Check out Ray
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