Build a discounts experience using Shopify Functions 
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Build a discounts experience
In this tutorial series, you'll use Shopify Functions to create a new discount type called "Volume discount" that offers a percentage off when customers purchase more than the minimum quantity of each product. You'll end up with a working discounts sample app to build your functionality.
How to grow your Shopify app
Learn how to drive relevant traffic to your Shopify app store page, optimize your funnel for conversion, and price your app for maximum revenues. Featuring tons of examples from top Shopify apps.
Creating an infinite logo carousel with pure CSS
In this video we create an infinite logo carousel in a matter of minutes using only CSS.
The 4 Best & Worst Product Reviews & Questions Apps For Shopify
A good product reviews app for Shopify is a must-have. But how do we differentiate the many apps in the app store.
Send Shopify Order Confirmation on Whatsapp
One of our existing customer came back to us with the requirement to send Order Confirmation on Whatsapp. They tried certain existing Shopify Plugin but they found them expensive with monthly subscription plan for the feature they dont intend to use. Here is how we implemented the requirement.

Code & Tools

Shopify App Developer resources
Resources for developers looking to make and market awesome Shopify Apps
Update Shopify metafields in bulk from a spreadsheet.
Here's a useful script that creates or updates product metafields in bulk using the product handle
Shopify Admin keyboard shortcuts
Did you know that there are keyboard shortcuts for Shopify Admin? Neither did Simon. Here's a pic of some really useful ways to keep your fingers on the keyboard.
Make Bookmarklets
Here's a handy tool. Use this site to make a bookmarklet - a teeny tiny Javascript applications stored in a bookmark url. Clicking the bookmark will launch it, so you can customize and extend your browsing experience.
Prys helps you scale your Shopify app
Prys’s breakthrough attribution technology shows you which search terms and campaigns drive your revenues, and suggests how to scale your app