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Happy Hannukah, Winter Solstice & Merry Christmas!

This year, the holidays have been bittersweet. This is the first year without Mom. When I reflect back on the past few years, the holiday season certainly has felt and looked different.  For me, oddly, the pandemic and canceling of all things holiday was a welcome reprieve. I did not know how to do Holiday Season. The slow loss of Mom and the death of my Aunt and Uncle in 2019, left an emptiness and void of what holidays used to be.  

As I embrace new traditions for myself and my family, I am struck by special memories of our past and the richness that Mom brought to it. Mom always decorated with white and blue lights. She strung lights in a giant Ficus tree and we called it the Hannukah bush. I always have and always love the way Christmas lights brighten the dark skies during this time of year.
Several years ago, Dad gave me the Menorah we used when growing up. A beautifully crafted piece of art, handmade years ago by a family friend, I cherish using it and lighting the candles, celebrating the miracle of light.

I love it when the holidays match up. Jewish Holidays follow the lunar calendar. There are years Hannukah is as early as Thanksgiving or as late as New Year’s or anywhere in between. This year, Hanukkah will also correspond with both the Winter Soltice as well as Christmas.

This trifecta feels especially lovely this year. It is like a wrapped-up present of love and light. And anticipation.

In just 3 weeks my book launches!

January 10, 2023 will also be the one year anniversary of Mom’s passing. In Jewish tradition, I will light a Yahrzeit candle (Memorial candle) for her and honor and celebrate the release of our story.  

I started writing the book about our journey with Alzheimer’s and my Mom when were about 7 years into our 13-year journey. Writing became a way for me to reconnect with Mom and her voice. It dramatically helped me be more present for the 2nd half of our journey and see her for who she was in the entirety of her life, not just through the lens of dementia and memory failure.

I am honored to get to share our story. It is a love letter to my Mom (and Dad) and what I hope will be a helpful story to all those on a journey of loss.May you find peace, love and light during this very special time of year.

Please take a moment to visit my website and follow my author page on social media if you have not done so yet! I will have a link to buy the electronic version of the book and the paperback on release day!

Lots of Love

News About The Book Release!

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January 10

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I am planning on readings and celebrations in both Manitou Springs and Salida over the first few months of 2023. More to come! Follow me on Facebook and watch for more information soon!
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