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"Ninety percent of all mental errors are in your head," Yogi Berra. While it's always fun to laugh at the Hall of Famer's choice of words, I think he's accurate on this one.  The mind impacts the body, but the body also impacts the mind. Physical fatigue and/or sleep deficits are known to diminish perseverance and compromise decision making, both of which will lead to mental errors. So, it looks like Yogi was right.
The Ripple Tank podcast is back with a new series on success behaviors. What's a success behavior? It's the actions that "good" students, athletes, or employees utilize on a regular basis. While they might seem like common sense, the pandemic has worsened what was already a significant challenge in this area. Our first episode is on the simple art of showing up.

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If you love sport in general, and golf in particular, then the biennial playing of the Ryder Cup is certainly must-see TV. The stellar play of the American side removed much of the drama this year. Even so, this nugget of insight from NBA All-Star Steph Curry, who is also a scratch golfer, was worthwhile. Check out the parallels he "sees" between shooting a basketball and hitting a golf shot.
Looking for a quick way to reduce stress? Try using panoramic vision. By moving your eyes above the horizon while softening the focus, you stimulate a set of neurons associated with decreased activation. In other words,  allowing your eyes to gather information from the periphery (up, down, left, right, and forward) triggers the relaxation response of the parasympathetic system. Check out the work of Stanford researcher Andrew Huberman to learn more.
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