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Karl Says

This weekend I was able to help a desperate merchant enforce an online order constraint essential to their system in just a few hours. That I was able to that solution is a testament not of my skillz, but the power of using Shopify as a platform.

News & Articles

DIY Design: Color Palettes
Picking a color scheme for your website at first seems really easy, until you sit down to actually do it. Being faced with millions of colors can create a paradox of choice - having too many choices actually makes it harder to choose. Continue reading to see how to begin your color journey.
Hundreds of e-commerce sites booby-trapped with payment card-skimming malware
About 500 e-commerce websites were recently found to be compromised by hackers who installed a credit card skimmer that surreptitiously stole sensitive data when visitors attempted to make a purchase. Sansec, the security firm that discovered the latest batch of infections, said the compromised sites were all loading malicious scripts.
Technical + UX Audit
Looking for some help improving your store's design as well as it's technical underpinnings? Shop Critique is now offering technical + UX audits. The Technical + UX Audit is focused on how you can improve the technical aspects (theme and app performance) and the user experience (UX) of your Shopify store. This audit also tackles high-level conversion rate optimization (CRO).
Apple unveils contactless payments via Tap to Pay on iPhone - Apple
Later this year, US merchants will be able to accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments simply by using iPhone and a partner-enabled iOS app. Stripe will be the first payment platform to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone to their business customers, including the Shopify Point of Sale app this spring. Additional payment platforms and apps will follow later this year.
9 Best Ecommerce Metrics to Track to Boost Your Sales
Ecommerce profitability correlates strongly with a seller’s forethought and flexibility. Setting pricing, adding loyalty programs, choosing promotions, managing stock items — the more you control the details, the more predictable your revenues are. The best way to get the information you need to manage those details is by choosing the right metrics to monitor. In this article, we’re going to explore them and give you some practical optimization tips.

Code & Tools

Shopify UI Elements Generator
Check out this handy online generator for quickly spitting out the HTML you need for:
  • Social Icons
  • Cart Attributes
  • Line Item Properties
  • Payment Methods
How Redshift differs from PostgreSQL
Redshift is based on PostgreSQL – but "based on" leaves a lot of room for difference. The architectural changes Amazon made to Redshift make it better able to handle large volumes of data for analytical queries. PostgreSQL can serve as a data warehouse for smaller volumes of data, but it can't match the performance of Redshift's column-oriented architecture. But the good news is that if you're familiar with PostgreSQL commands and concepts, learning Redshift isn't like learning a foreign language. It's more like the difference between dialects
Ryan's Top Takeaways From Using Theme App Extensions
In this thread App Developer Ryan Macdonald talks through his takeaways from using App Theme Extensions in Incentivize. Click to read the twitter thread.
How to Level Up Your App with Theme App Extensions
Speaking of theme app extensions - here's a new article from Shopify all about them. Shopify's theme app extensions aim to remove the challenge of integrating safely and easily with all themes by introducing a new streamlined method for apps to interact with themes. Theme app extensions also ensure that apps integrate seamlessly with OS 2.0 themes.



Subscriptions APIs now support Apple Pay
Apple pay payments are now accepted for recurring transactions. We added source and virtualLastDigits to the CustomerCreditCard object to support this, in the 2021-10 release.


April 13 - Introduction to Working With Shopify Themes
Following this practical workshop you’ll be able to set up a local development environment and edit theme code to customize an example storefront. We’ll also explore Shopify’s Liquid templating language and learn how it can be leveraged to display dynamic store content.
March 17 - Building Headless Storefronts on Shopify with Hydrogen - Online Workshops
Curious about Hydrogen -Shopify's React-based framework for building custom storefronts? Register now for an upcoming FREE workshop in March to explore the new framework and get a custom storefront up and running


Senior Product Designer, FT, Remote in Canada
Pixel Union is looking for a full-time designer to join our themes team. We've been around since day one, and have a legacy built on design. We build everything from starter themes like Editions, to powerful conversion-focused themes like Empire, and up to massively-customizable DIY themes like Flex
Technical Lead, FT, Remote
Invisible Themes is looking for a full-time Technical Lead with deep Javascript knowledge to join our growing team! You will be building features, writing exemplary code for the development team to follow and defining the development roadmap.
Front-end Web Developer, FT, Remote
Nibble enables customers to negotiate a personalized price in eCommerce through an AI-powered chatbot.

Tip of the Week

Chris asks Is there any way to add custom line items to the cart from the front end of the store (as opposed to using the admin API)?

While it's easy to add custom line item properties to existing products and variants from the product form (by including an additional properties field on the product form) there's no way to add a completely custom product.

If you find yourself in this situation it seems your best option is to reach for an off the shelf app such as Infinite Options or spin up a quick private app to use the API directly.

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