5th January 2022

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With the new semester comes:

The New Buddhist Psychology Diploma Programme
The latest up-date of the programme in Buddhist psychology developed by Dr David Brazier and colleagues over many years. This programme develops Buddhist principles as psychology and applies them to personal life and psychotherapy, showing how the Dharma methods of transforming dukkha into the path of awakening can be operationalised in a contemporary context. The programme is suitable for all who are interested in deepening their understanding in their own practice and in assisting others, as well as those who work as therapists and counsellors.

The Second Semester of Ancestors of the Pureland Tradition
This is the Global Sangha study programme on the history of the transmission of the Dharma. The first semester, which is just ending, has covered the transmission within India in the period 500BCE to 200CE. The second semester will cover the transmission in China from 0 to 1300CE. The main emphasis is upon the Pureland tradition and teachers, but the programme also includes a broad view of Mahayana Buddhism as a whole. Each semester is a stand-alone sequence so you don't have to have done the first to join the second.

Tickets for each of these programmes are or will soon be available at

Saturday 15th January
including Upavastha

Full moon celebration.
10:00: Dharma Seminar: "Compassion is Not a Set of Rules"
12:00: Sangha Meetings
14:00: Ocean Seminar: "Vasubandhu as Pureland Ancestor"
16:00: Upavastha including led meditation
19:00: Upavastha readings & chanting until 22:00

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Weekend 22nd-23rd January 2022
Dr. David Brazier, Dr. Iris Dotan Katz, 
Dr Yaya de Andrade, Natividad Menendez Garcia & Kimiko Nita 

Theme: Therapy as a Spiritual Path for Client & for Therapist.  A presentation of the application of Buddhist psychology in a  number of dimensions; a forum in which to reflect upon the spiritual path from a psychological point of view and the psychological work from a spiritual perspective. 
Content: talks, seminars, master class demonstration, groupwork, "Dharma à Deux", case presentation and discussion.  Theoretical material will be presented and there will also be experiential workshops so participants should be willing to share material about personal life and agree to respect the confidentiality of others.  
Suitable for: The weekend is open to anybody interested both in understanding their own life and relationships better and in the therapeutic process and how this relates to the spiritual path in a Buddhist approach.  This will also make a good preliminary for those wishing to embark upon the on-going Buddhist Psychology Dilpoma Programme commencing in February.

Leaders: The workshop leaders are practising psychotherapy or counselling from a Buddhist perspective and/or tutoring the ITZI Buddhist psychology training programme.
Dr David Brazier, psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher, author of a dozen books including Zen Therapy and many other writings. Co-editor of the Oxford Manual of Meditation.
Dr. Iris Dotan Katz, clinical psychologist with a private practice in Tel Aviv has many years of experience in Zen and Pureland Buddhism and in socially engaged action.
Dr. Yaya de Andrade, retired psychologist now working with the Red Cross, especially with indigenous groups. Dr Andrade has extensive experience in working with populations recovering from major disasters around the world.
Kimiko Nita, clinical psychologist, specialises in work with children and young adults, has a private practice for adult clients in Tokyo, and a special interest in Naikan therapy.
Natividad Menendez Garcia, psychotherapist, is tutor on the Spanish language version of the Buddhist Psychology Diploma Programme and has private clients in Spain.
To book:

Sagonne Castle and reflection -:- Photo byDavid Brazier

31st 4th January

We have just completed the New Year Retreat and it was a grather greater success than most of us expected. The new year is not an easy time for people to turn their attention to an event as there are many calls from family and friends also to attend to.  In addition some members had covid, were moving house or had other reasons that limited availability.  Nonetheless, in the end twenty people from ten countries managed to take part in all of some of the event.
In addition to pujas, meditations and chanting sessions, there were many informative and sometimes personally moving presentations covering a variety of topics: applications of  Buddhism in socially troubled situations and in psychotherapy, interpersonal and inter-species encounter, how to present the Dharma through theatre and song, and aspects of practice for reflection and renewal. We looked at the relationship between Pureland and traditional forms of Buddhist discipline and at the importance of bows and vows. There was also a lot of poetry ranging from Dante, through famous English poets to new compositions. And, finally, on the last day, we wound up with Dharma and science fiction, considering how many sci-fi films draw on Buddhist themes and subtly promote Buddhist attitudes. All in all, a rather wonderful event manifesting good spirit in the sangha.


During the New Year Retreat, George Daly gave an account of his excellent work including production of the on-line musical Zen & Now. Do go and watch it and be inspired. To contact George, please do so via Jisshas <[email protected]>

George: This is an update on Zen and Now, the Life of Siddhartha, and a quick but heartfelt thanks to all of you for your help and support. The website is The site should be self-explanatory, but if you want a quick way of accessing the story on YouTube, click on "Story with Pictures" and then click on "Complete Video Links".  The website has had over 32,000 visits so far and that is without any intentional publicity. It has led to plenty of valuable discussions with numerous people around the world and this has shown me that there are many ways of responding to the piece of work. 


Now Honen, having advanced to a profound experience in the religious life, his maturity of character showed itself outwardly in his deportment, so that no one from royalty down to the common man could fail to have the utmost confidence in him.

Once, the retired emperor Go-Shirakawa, in his retreat at Oshikoji , which lay east of the Kamogawa river, in Kyoto, arranged for holding the ceremony connected w<ith the transcription of the Lotus Sutra. He asked Honen to come and superintend the function. The preliminary service was begun on the 14th of the eighth month 1188.

...As the conductor of the rite and the most venerable in the company, Honen was given the first seat on the easdt side of the hall, the one for the west side being occupied by the emperor himself. This he declined at first, but the emperor insisting, he finally concurred. Then next to Honen sat the prime minister and the other priests downwards.

... As the service was about to commence, Honen ascended the pulpit, read the introductory ritual, recited the monk's staff verse, and began the confession of harm committed in the present and former states of existence. During the services preparatory to the transcription this service of confession was held three times every day for seven days,  

Distance Learning On-line Programme 
Beginning 1st February 2022

The course beginning in February is a two year programme delivered in four semesters each of four units.  The first semester begins 1st February 2022 and runs to the summer. Each unit contains three sections of study material with accompanying exercises.

The programme involves
- study material provided on line on dedicated private web pages
- some pre-recorded lectures
- live seminars via zoom
- exercises to do in one's own time and report back on
- assignments from time to time to check understanding
- discussion with tutors and other students

It is a co-operative learning programme.  Students see each other's work and have plenty of scope for getting to know one another and for discussion of topics and experience.

The material is both theoretical and practical and is extensive. One should allow for a time commitment of minimum three hours per week.

The content of the course covers major Buddhist psychological theory and its relevance to daily life and to psychotherapy practice. One does not have to be a psychotherapist to do the course, but therapists and others in human relations work will generally get most from it as they will be able to apply the principles in their work.

This is a course of Buddhist principles applied as psychology. It is not really an integration of Western and Buddhist psychology, though comparisons are made throughout.  It covers the material in the books Zen Therapy and The Feeling Buddha and other works by David Brazier and others plus a good deal more:
- dependent origination
- different forms of conditioning of the mind
- the skandha cycle and Buddhist psychological analysis
- Buddhist work with strong emotions
- dukkha and its transformation
- calm and insight
- the role of faith, purpose and refuge
- styles of Dharma-based psychotherapy
- sudden awakening and gradual cultivation
and many other similar topics.

The proposed fee is £200 per semester.

Tickets <>


Vairocana is the Buddha of the Sun, the all radiant Buddha of brilliance. Vairocana is generally identified with the Dharmakaya - the absolute.  In Mahayana Buddhism we recognise three levels of spirituality, called tri-kaya. The absolute level is called the Dharmakaya and is personified in Vairocana. The other two levels are called sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya. These latter two are commonly identified with Amida Buddha and Shakyamuni Buddha respectively. 

When Vairocana appeared in the world as a human being, he had a chief disciple called Bhumidhara. Bhumidhara was a bodhisattva who travelled the country building bridges, repairing road and helping travellers. It is said that by his practical actions Bhumidhara makes smooth the road for Vairocana. Good works in the world enable the absolute to proceed.

Lotus -:-  Photo byIris Dotan Katz



Not only have we killed, robbed, stolen and defamed,
but we have induced others to do so
and rejoiced to see it.
The heart's shadow is long.
This is the dark place
that is the source of infinite light,
unquenchable living water and
ambrosia more exquisite than the divine.
With this shadow I will enfold you, 
bandage the wounded,
swaddle the newborn,
blanket the weary.
The doorway of contrition
is an open arch
in the wall of Eden,
invisible to all who are blinded by their own light.
Only when we bow our head,
hide our little lamp,
does the angel put down his flaming sword,
doff wrathful aspect and appear 
as our meek and humble guide
before an eastern gate 
that is always open.
- David Brazier


Tu m’as accueilli(e) dans les bras de ma mère
Et reçu dans la chaleur d’un foyer.
Je t’ai retrouvé dans le brasier de mes passions
M’insufflant ta force,
Mais brûlant aussi mes ailes
Sur le bûcher de mes illusions.
Je t’ai vu sur les ghats de Varanasi
Lançant tes flammes sue un bûcher funéraire.
Tu couves encore sous les cendres de ma vieillesse.
Force de vie, force de mort
Tu réchauffes et tu détruis !
Peut-être consumeras-tu mes peurs et mes doutes,
Pour m’ouvrir les bras aimants du Bouddha de lumière infinie
- Annette Tamuly Jung



Photo by Nando Maril

All times are Rome time zone

Tuesday 18th January
- Dharmavidya
A time to be together and explore Dharma questions & practice  -:-  Meeting ID: 899 7087 5848

Tuesday 18th January 17:00-18:00 & every other week .
Italian Class
- Angela Romani  -:-  Meeting ID: 889 9850 0278  -:-  Passcode: 515887

Tuesday 11th January 17:30 & every other week
Italian Meeting - Incontro Italiano
- Angela Romani
Incontro di pratica e condivisione
Dettagli da Jisshas <[email protected]>

Wednesday 12th January 21:00 & every other week
Dharma Bud: Peer learning and Dharma discussion
- Geeta Chari  -:-  Meeting ID: 858 9773 3604  -:-  Passcode: 108108 

Thursday 6th & 20th January 16:30
Readings from the Commentary on the Summary of Faith & Practice
- Dharmavidya & Priti Vaishnav
Meeting ID: 865 6362 0686  -:-  Passcode: 274590

Thursday 13th 14:30 & every two weeks
IBAP Group
Codes separately notified

Thursday  13th January 19:00-20:30 & every other week
- Iris Dotan Katz
For presentation, review and discussion of counselling/psychotherapy casework from a Buddhist psychology perspective.
Zoom:  -:-  Meeting ID: 818 8810 0021 -:-  Passcode: 153110

Friday 7th January 19:30 & weekly
Amitabha Service For the West 
- Vajrapala & Angela Romani
Meeting ID: 894 8069 9209   -:-   Passcode: 137836

Saturday 8th & 29th January
Refuge Group
A group for those who have taken refuge. To join, please enquire via jisshas.
Codes separately notified.

Saturday 15th January
Sangha Day including Upavastha
See above in Newsletter
Tickets <>

Sunday 9th January 10:30 & weekly
Global Sangha Interest Group
- Liz Allmark
Meeting ID: 878 4051 9127  -:-  Passcode: 584137

Sunday 9th January 20:00 & weekly
GS Friendship Group
Meeting ID: 873 9408 4532  -:-  Passcode: 519784

Weekend 22-23 January
"Encounter & Path" - Buddhist Psychology Weekend
See above in Newsletter


Jisshas <[email protected]> - for all general enquiries
Tickets <> - to book courses


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