Edit Multiple Metafields in Shopify without an App 
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Edit Multiple Metafields in Shopify without an App
The ability to natively update metafields in Shopify was a huge boost from Online Store 2.0. Before, we had to either use a hacky URL approach or incorporate another app.
A guide to Translate & Adapt, Shopify native app for translations
With Translate & Adapt app launch, Shopify has finally built a native solution, that is expected to become the natural choice for small and mid-sized merchants who wish to localize their content and expand their business abroad.
I built the world’s fastest product reviews app for Shopify
Rapid Reviews uses the SES principle (SPEED, ENGAGEMENT, SEARCH) to improve page speed and purchase conversion (up to 5X), and it’s 5–30X faster than the competition.
Implementing Server-Driven UI Architecture on the Shop App
This post discusses how my team implemented the server-driven UI architecture on the Store Screen, the lessons I learned, and challenges I overcame while building this architecture.
Better Sold Out Variant Styling On Shopify Dawn Theme
This blog will guide you through building a better UI/UX for showing sold out variants without disabling them on Shopify's Dawn theme.
Understanding Web Components in Dawn
In this video, I wanna give a quick introduction to web components in the Dawn theme.
Shopify 2.0 Coding Tutorial: Building on Dawn Theme [Part 1: The Setup]
Let's learn shopify theme development by working on their demo theme: Dawn. This will be an intermediate coding series I believe

Code & Tools

Getting started with the Shopify CLI (theme development)
In this video we go through the basics of the Shopify CLI.
Reliving Your Happiest HTTP Interactions with Ruby’s VCR Gem
VCR is a Ruby library that records HTTP interactions and plays them back to your test suite, verifying input and returning predictable output.
Avatar hover effect
Check out this cool hover effect made by Temani Afif using only CSS
Section groups
Learn about section groups, a container that lets you include sections in your theme's layout.
Cart Drawer for Shopify Theme with Tailwind CSS
Learn how to build a cart drawer for Shopify Theme with Tailwind CSS



Private apps are automatically converting to custom apps
From January 19th to January 20th, 2023, all private apps will be automatically converted to custom apps managed through the Shopify admin. Custom apps support all the functionality that private apps did, and provide better security.