Find out more about Green Destinations 2023 conference in Brazil and Estonia, our recently certified destinations, and much more!
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March 2023         

Green Destinations Conferences in 2023

Green Destinations Regional Conference

The Green Destinations conference is excited to hold its first regional edition, the Green Destinations Latino América, from 5 to 7 June 2023. The conference is convened by DEL Institute and FACISC and hosted in Bombinhas, Santa Catarina - 2022 Top 100 destination - at the Hotel Vila do Faro.

As in previous editions, the event aims to connect sustainability professionals, destinations and tourism boards through the exchange of experiences and examples of good practices, opening space for debates on the development of a more responsible and sustainable tourism in Latin America.

We are excited to share that the tickets for the conference and the call to speakers are now open. Kindly access them through the links provided below.
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Registration for speakers

Green Destinations Global Conference

The Green Destinations 2023 Estonia global conference, our annual flagship event, will happen from 8 to 10 October in the European Green Capital for 2023, Tallinn. Organised by Visit Tallinn and Visit Estonia, we are all excited to meet you in the Estonian capital city and discuss ways for a responsible future of tourism.
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Congratulations to our

Green Destinations Awarded Destinations!

The Green Destinations Awards and Certification Program enables destinations to have their sustainability performance independently assessed and apply for Awards or Certification when sufficient levels of sustainability are achieved.

Six new applicants to the Green Destinations Awards & Certification Program received their certificate at the Green Destinations Story Awards 2023 at ITB Berlin, recognising achieved compliance to the GD Standard of 75 sustainability criteria:

  • Wendland-Elbe (Germany) - Green Destinations Silver
  • Medimurje (Croatia) - Green Destinations Silver
  • Bombinhas (Brazil) - Green Destinations Silver
  • Itá (Brazil) - Green Destinations Silver
  • Orleans (Brazil) - Green Destinations Bronze
  • Treze Tilias (Brazil) - Green Destinations Bronze

Find more about our Green Destinations Collection of awarded and certified destinations here.

Green Destinations Top 100 Stories Competition 2023

Green Destinations appeals to local and regional destinations committed to sustainability to participate in the Top 100 stories competition. The list of selected 2023 Top 100 stories will be unveiled at our annual flagship conference, the Green Destinations 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Register Today! Interested DMOs, government, and institutional stakeholders can start the application process on behalf of their destination. Kindly visit our website to learn about the registration process. 
Join the competition!
Join our new self-paced training course!
Foundations in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management

Positive change and impactful initiatives in tourism destination management always start with awareness of the industry’s sustainability principles. This new self-paced training helps participants master the foundational principles of sustainability and tourism and equip practical tools that help shape successful sustainable tourism destinations.
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Experience our Tourism for SDGs
Self-Assessment Tool
Green Destinations' Tourism for SDGs Self-Assessment Tool helps understand a destination's main strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the GSTC-recognised Green Destinations Standard. About two weeks after you complete the survey, we will send you a free, no-obligation report based on your responses. This will include your scores for all SDGs and an analysis of which tools are most suitable to make progress in your specific situation.
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Good Travel Seal meets criteria for “Sustainable Property”

All accommodations certified with the Good Travel Seal (GTS) and GTS+ can now expect to be top-level visible on a week after completing the certification process. Green Destinations has partnered with, a startup that will connect our certified hotels with

Tailormade for the Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), the GTS is an effortless, affordable solution to generate visibility as a certified property on and Micro-businesses (up to 5 rooms) in low-income countries can get started with their certification journey from just €125 per year.

Learn more about how we can also support the MSMEs in your destination!
Good Travel Program

Discover our Certified businesses from

Blue Destination Bonaire


Our community of certified businesses on Bonaire is only growing!

The business community on Bonaire is one of the key driving forces behind the Blue Destination Bonaire, the Good Travel Program's white label for tourism-related business certification in the destination.

Blue Destination Certification is a certification system to help local businesses operate more sustainably and socially. It was launched in 2019 and has been thriving since to inform, guide and reward businesses on their path to developing and executing a more comprehensive business strategy on the island.

Once traveling to Bonaire, seize the opportunity to experience one of these amazing businesses!
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Join the Travel4Impact

Amadeus and IE University are looking for SMEs in APAC and EMEA interested in taking their business a step further towards digitalization and improving their social and environmental impact by participating in this free and online program. 

Apply before 30 April and you will have the opportunity to boost your competitiveness and positive impact by accelerating digitalization and sustainability in your business. 

Learn how to join the Travel4Impact network.
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If you have interesting news about your destination's sustainability
efforts share them with us!
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