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THURSDAY 14th of July, 2022
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📸 Photographs we love 
Palma - @salihymt
Mallorca @callie.lw
🏠  Property of the week 
Villa S’Horta in Felanitx has all the characteristics that are unique for renovated Mallorcan fincas. Our dream is to one day own a villa like this in a peaceful environment, with a beautiful stone facade, blue screen shutters, amazing outdoor areas & a modern indoor area. 

We love that villas like this combine the charm of tradition with the benefits of modern design, check it out here.
In partnership with Fantastic Frank.
🎤  5 questions with Janis Verzemnieks, founder of Verzemnieks Design
Instagram worth following: @espanyolet — I think these interior designers reflect the perfect moodboard for everyone living in Mallorca, feeling its magnetic pull and daydreaming about his own finca.
Favourite place to swim: 
I prefer calm waters and rocky shores instead of crowded sand beaches.
  • Cala Deià
  • Cala Poncet coastline in Alcudia (close to Alcanada lighthouse)
  • Pine Walk in Puerto Pollensa (left coastline)
  • Promanade in El Molinar (Portixol, Palma).
A place worth eating at: As an advocate of plant-based food, I must recommend two of my favorite everyday places and three restaurants for special occasions when traveling outside Palma. 
  • @plaernatural is my go-to lunch place in the city and It’s just around the corner from my office. It's a warm welcome family business restaurant with daily specials written on a chalkboard.
  • @ahimsa.plantbased in Cala Major. A cute little vegan place also run by a lovely family from Uruguay. Since it's close to my home, Ahimsa is my go-to breakfast place.
Exceptional restaurants:Who is making a product we should know about: 
  • Fragrance designers Viti Vinci (@vitivinci) — handcrafted perfumes brand, also offering aromachology workshops and olfactory experiences.
  • Nice aesthetic hats and garments brand Crown Of The Vagabond (@crownofthevagabond).
  • Sustainable fashion brand ÓDEMINUÍ (@_odeminui_).
Best month of the year in Mallorca: December and May.

I actually really like winter in Mallorca. After the hot and busy summer months, I enjoy observing the Island as a living body that needs to rejuvenate itself and show other shades of light. December only attracts idyllic travelers and Magaluf tourists are gone :). I have met the most amazing international people during the winter months. For me, it's a season for hiking mountains and watching sunsets from uphills, visiting villages, museums, and art galleries.

In turn, May brings back life to the streets and the Mallorca is blooming with every nature's color palette. Time for cycling through the island's central area to take in rural landscapes, get a sniff of cereal fields, and camp outdoors.
Verzemnieks Design - Need a digital product designer? Reach out to Janis. 
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👀 Idas tips
Ca's Garriguer

Luke & I love mixing up our lifestyles. Sometimes we treat ourselves and live a bit more luxury other times we go for a more simple and find just  as much pleasure in that. 

When I found this family owned bed and breakfast in Valldemossa I got so happy as it's not the typical luxury hotel, instead it's so authentic & cute. 

Read more ​here.​
Event 💃
What? Yoga del Mar 1 year anniversary.

July 17, 7-9.30PM

Where? Carrer Vicarl Joaquim Fuster 113a - Portixol

Enjoy an amazing event for free with:
  • A music circle by David Lurey
  • Soundbath by Javier 
  • Fingerfood by Coco´s Deli & homemade lemonades
  • Raffle with surprises 

More info here.
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United to start first and only nonstop flight between the U.S. and Mallorca.

Meet the locals of Mallorca and uncover its authentic side.
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Megasport is our go to gym on Mallorca. Pristine condition including gym (indoor + outdoor), padel courts, spa and over 600 classes.

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