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June 2023


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2023 ADSA Annual Meeting
Registration is now open for the ADSA Annual Meeting in San Antonio. The meeting is in-person and will be held at the University of San Antonio on October 24 - 27, 2023.

👉 Do you have research related to the theme: Health, Well-being, and the Arts? Submit an abstract before the deadline on June 30!
Pre-Meeting Scholars-In-Training Workshop
Are you in the final stages of your Master's, PhD, or postdoc? Apply to attend the Scholars-in-Training Workshop before the ADSA Annual Meeting on October 24. The theme of the workshop is "Academia: Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Discussions and activities will be geared towards folks who are seeking information and support as they prepare to transition to the next stage of their careers, whether it's in academia or not. 
2023 Scholars in Training Workshop Banner
The workshop is FREE for selected applicants and there is limited seating. CDN members will have a 3-week head start to submit an application before ADSA sends invites to its institutional members on July 5. If this email was forwarded to you, fill out this form to join the CDN.

All applications must be submitted before 5 PM EDT on Friday, July 28, 2023, to be considered. Accepted applicants will be notified no later than 5PM EDT on Monday, August 7. Learn more about deadlines and eligibility criteria here.


New Blog
Rebecca Schroeder wrote about her experience at the 2023 Data Science Leadership Summit in Boston last month. She highlighted two sessions that she found particularly inspiring: Data Science Organizational Structures and Ramps & Pathways to Data Science. One key takeaway was the importance of convening stakeholders across all industries to foster collaboration and broaden participation in data science education. 
New Book
In collaboration with their community, Data Science by Design (DSxD) which was partly supported by a seed grant from ADSA, CDN members Sara Stoudt and Ciera Martinez published a beautiful new book: DSxD Anthology Vol. 2: Our Environment.

The first two chapters are available for free online. One of those chapters names two key angles that can be used to respond to a multidirectional data movement. The first CDN member to respond to this email with the correct answer will receive a FREE copy of the book, along with Vol. 1 The Future of Data Science. 👀 


Join us on Friday, July 7 from 9AM - 10AM PDT / 12 PM - 1PM EDT, for our conversation with DSxD about what it took to publish their new book.
ADSA Career Development Network talks with Data Science by Design about their new book on July 7, 2023 at 9AM PDT and 12PM EDT


Lauren Poniso
Lauren Ponisio holding a small clear jar containing a bee.
Background: Lauren Ponisio, aka the Queen of Bees, earned a BS and MS degree in Biology from Stanford University. She earned her PhD from the Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management from UC Berkeley and went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science.

Current Role: Lauren is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Oregon. Her research examines bee-friendly agricultural practices and how forest fires can help maintain pollinator biodiversity. She was recently awarded a fellowship from the Ecological Society of America for her outstanding contributions to research and outreach in her field.
In addition to research and teaching, Lauren is actively involved in designing data science curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate level for
UO’s new School of Computer and Data Sciences. Her mission is to promote human diversity in the sciences.

Outside of Work: Lauren enjoys hiking, camping, sailing, and foraging for mushrooms.

Connect with Lauren: Check out
Lauren’s profile in the CDN Member Directory to learn how to get in touch. To learn more about her research, visit her lab’s website.

Connect with more members by browsing the CDN Member Directory. Add yourself to the CDN Directory by filling out this form.


  • How I managed my intense burnout. (Nature)
  • Tips for summarizing years of research to engage any audience. (UA)
  • We're writing OOO emails all wrong. (CNBC)
  • Advice for the Class of 2023. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Artificial Intelligence and the future of teaching and learning: Insights and recommendations. (US Department of Education)
  • Tips for short Zoom interviews for PhDs in the academic job market. (@UnnatiNarang)
  • Webinar on machine learning for your research on Jun. 22, from 2 PM - 4 PM EDT. (US-RSE)
  • Ghosted in science: how to move on when a potential collaborator suddenly stops responding. (Nature)
  • Advice for navigating an active research seminar culture and preventing audience rudeness during presentations. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Career pathways to collaborative science success on Jun. 22 from 3 PM - 4PM EDT. (NOAA)
  • Landing a mission-oriented job beyond academe. (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Promoting student well-being in today's learning environments. (The Key Podcast; 37min.)
  • Crowd sourced examples of AI policies in syllabi. (Lance Eaton)
  • A newsletter that shares tech and innovation jobs in government across the US. (#PublicSectorJobBoard)
  • A new era of learning: Considerations for ChatGPT as a tool to enhance statistics and data science education. (Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education)


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