Spring is around the corner!
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Thursday, March 10th, 2022
Happy March!

Check out our new website at hccvt.org and save the date for our annual Block Party on Wednesday, June 15th!

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If you or someone you know would like a free bike helmet or medication lock box, please email [email protected] We can meet you at our office in The Junction Marketplace.

Em and Kelly
The HCC Team
If you or someone you know are interested in forming a Local Cannabis Control Board, please reach out to Emily at [email protected] A Local Cannabis Control Board will give Hartford a bit more control over some of the nuances around how retail cannabis will be set up in town. For more information, watch this presentation from Kimberly Gilbert at the November Selectboard meeting, starting at 2:32:00
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Circle of Parents Support Groups: Free, Virtual, and Ongoing

Circle of Parents offers many different support groups depending on the needs of families. 
What makes Circle of Parent’s unique is that people can participate, all remotely on zoom, when they want to and confidentially. The programs are each week, again free and no commitment. They are also facilitated by fellow parents in the group. 

Support groups meeting each week include groups for moms of color, parents with children identifying as LGBTQ+, parents of teens, and more.
How to Talk to Kids About the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
The New York Times has an excellent article about taking to children and teens about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. They likely have seen heartbreaking and scary images and videos online. The article provides some helpful tips for talking about it:

Take cues from your child

Look for signs that your child is feeling anxious

Don't bombard kids with news or scary images

Get to the root of their fear

Appease their concerns while taking them seriously
Full NYT Article Here

Teens blow off Covid-19 vaccines, sometimes with deadly results

Teen vaccine resistance is also hardened by a stream of social media posts, confusing and shifting recommendations from public health officials, and a youthful skepticism of authority.
Article Here
Eating Disorders and Substance Use
Millions of Americans either have, or at one point in their lives had, an eating disorder. Eating disorders can be linked to unhealthy compulsory behavior and are often accompanied by substance misuse problems.
Learn more about the types of eating disorders and how substance misuse in combination with eating disorders can cause higher relapse rates, more severe medical complications, and higher impairment levels than individuals with eating disorders alone. Discover the signs of an eating disorder so you can help a friend or family member in need of support.

More Information Here

5 Warning Signs that Your Child May be Vaping

Whether your child is at home or in school, it is important to be on the lookout for risky behavior like vaping.

So, how can you know if your child is vaping and help them quit if they are? Here are five warning signs to watch for:

1. New health issues
2. Behavior changes
3. Finding strange items around the house
4. Weird smells
5. Suspicious behavior or conversations with friends

Full Article Here
We want you to #ShareYourShot! Email a photo of you getting your vaccine to [email protected] to be featured on our social media accounts.
Make an Appointment to Get Vaccinated
COVID-19 Vaccination Updates
All Vermonters aged 12+, part-time Vermont residents, and out-of-state VT college students are eligible for vaccination.

Click here to schedule an appointment online or call 855-722-7878.

Homebound Vermonters may call 833-722-0860 to arrange for in-home vaccination.

There are special vaccine clinics for Vermonters of color and their households.


If you have lost a family member to COVID-19, you may be eligible for up to $9,000 of funeral assistance. Click here to learn how to apply.
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