Don't want collections included in your product URLs? Remove this code snippet to fix it! 
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Shopify Tutorial: Removing /collections/ name from product URLs
Don't want /collections/ included in your product URLs? Remove this code snippet to fix it! In this screencast tutorial, we'll walk through this non-canonical product URL issue, and demonstrate how to fix it yourself.
Smart banners for iOS and Android — a quick solution for a Shopify site
Let’s see how to create a valid cross-platform solution to have “smart banners” that help you guide your mobile users from your mobile web to your mobile app. First things first, there are several services that can do this for you like Branch or AppsFlyer. If you want an out-of-the-box solution, check out these services. you can check the pricing on their websites. In our case and for this article, we will go into how to implement a valid solution for our app, without having the need to add also changes on the app side.
Dawn Theme - How To Make the Product Image Smaller
Dawn is a pretty good Shopify theme but it has some quirks. The product image is too big for example. Here is how to reduce the size of that product image, and make the product info column larger to take up the space.
Building Blocks of High Performance Hydrogen-powered Storefronts
Hydrogen is built and optimized to power personalized, contextual, and dynamic commerce. Fast and efficient server-side rendering with high-performance storefront data access is the prerequisite for such experiences. To optimize the user experience, we leverage a collection of strategies that work together
How Pixar’s Toy Story 2 was deleted twice, once by technology and again for its own good
“I grabbed the phone… unplug the machine!”” That’s Oren Jacob, former Chief Technical Officer of Pixar — then an associate technical director for Toy Story 2 — recounting the moment they discovered that the movie was being deleted off of the company’s servers after an erroneous command was executed, erasing two months and hundreds of man-hours worth of work.
Wanna look ridiculously good to your clients?
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Code & Tools

Shopify CLI for Theme Development (How to use)
Shopify CLI stands for Shopify Command Line Interface and is the latest alternative to Shopify Themekit. Previously, Shopify CLI was a tool that helped users create and deploy Shopify apps but since the Online Store 2.0 announcements in June 2021, Shopify have extended the Shopify CLI to provide new functions for theme development including the ability to serve themes locally.
JavaScript quick-tip: filtering an object for a value contained in an array within
It sounds weird, but sometimes you need to filter an object according to some value contained in an array within its props. Check out one easy-peasy way to solve this.
My remote Set up as a Shopify developer and Freelancer (Hardware + software)
I’m Ilias Haddad, a full stack JS developer, and Shopify developer based in Kenitra, Morocco. I’m currently working as a remote freelancer with experience in Shopify development. I’ve been working remotely since late 2018. I’ll take you through each piece of hardware and software, and why I like it as a developer and freelancer.



New Reference Type Deletion Error Message for Metafield Definitions
As of the API version 2022-10, upon deleting a reference type metafield definition with delete_all_associated_metafields argument set to false, REFERENCE_TYPE_DELETION_ERROR will be returned with the following error message:
"Deleting a reference type metafield definition requires deletion of its associated metafields."


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Shopify Account Specialist
Our growing agency is in need of the right person to take on accounts after the sale is made, guiding clients through the many decisions that need made in order to define and achieve project goals. The most basic (and yet most important) qualifications would be excellent communication, critical thinking, and Googling skills. If you love working with people, diving into Shopify and the App ecosystem, and finding solutions for clients, let’s talk.
Front-End and Full Stack, FT, Canada
Heather Tovey at iamota is hiring two new Canada-based team members for the iamota dev team: Front-End and Junior Full-Stack. Come work with me!
Enavi - Full Stack Shopify App Developer, US Remote
Become part of a small growing Shopify development and CRO agency. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create solutions you've found the right job. We are looking for a Full Stack Shopify App Developer who will be responsible for working with custom apps. The first project you will be working on is a custom subscription app