11th May 2022

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If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘thank you’, that would suffice. 
 - Meister Eckhart

Saturday 14th May

Following ancient tradition, this is a time for renewal of faith and practice. Full moon is also the time when the gods visit our homes, so one can prepare an alter and offerings for them too. Look back on the past month and review how faith and practice have affected your life in this time. Look foirward to the month ahead and make solemn  resolve to give oneself to faith and practice in the time to come.
11:00 Dharma Ocean Seminar: Short lecture by Dharmavidya David Brazier on trends in the development of medieval Chinese Buddhism after the Tang Dynasty.
14:00 Refuge Group Puja & Dharma Talk, led by Dharmachari Angela Romani
15:30 A programme of meditations, readings, sharing and chanting that will continue into the evening.
All welcome. Attend as much as you can. An excellent way to meet other sangha members and practice together.
Meeting ID: 879 5343 9118  -:-  Passcode: 804176

Sunday 15th: Interest Group & Friendship Group as usual. Scroll down for codes.

Every Thursday 16:30
Dharmavidya David Brazier & Dharmachari Priti Vaishnav

The Summary of Faith & Practice is a writing based upon the Ichimai Kishomon of Honen Shonin. It is the standard of faith for the Global Sangha. The commentary elucidates aspects of the summary and is a valuable aid to understanding the Dharma. 
All welcome. A good way to deepen understanding.

28-29th May

Dr. David Brazier, Dr. Iris Dotan Katz, 
Dr Yaya de Andrade  & Kimiko Nita 

Theme: Therapy as a Spiritual Path for Client & for Therapist.  A presentation of the application of Buddhist psychology in a  number of dimensions; a forum in which to reflect upon the spiritual path from a psychological point of view and the psychological work from a spiritual perspective. 
Content: talks, seminars, master class demonstration, groupwork, "Dharma à Deux", case presentation and discussion.  Theoretical material will be presented and there will also be experiential workshops so participants should be willing to share material about personal life and agree to respect the confidentiality of others.  
Suitable for: The weekend is open to anybody interested both in understanding their own life and relationships better and in the therapeutic process and how this relates to the spiritual path in a Buddhist approach. 
Tickets <



There will be no Global Sangha Newsletter next week as the editor will be on holiday.


Angela Romani: I rituali più antichi sono legati alla terra, la nostra madre terra. Pensando alla natura, alle stagioni, al culto di Demetra, vorrei condividere una piccolissima esperienza nel mio lavoro che potrebbe essere considerata un rito, perché parto sempre con questo tipo di esercizio. È molto semplice, ma puoi facilmente trovare un effetto trasformativo. L'esercizio consiste nel prendere contatto con la terra e praticare in uno spazio aperto è più efficace. Immagina che dai tuoi piedi escano radici che affondano nel terreno; queste radici affondano nel terreno fertile e si dilatano, fino a raggiungere le radici degli altri alberi in quel luogo.....poi puoi sentire la tua posizione più stabile, è come avere un piedistallo sotto i piedi; il senso di stabilità condiziona anche la mente, ed è terapeutico. 
Secondo me ciò che è importante nei rituali e ciò che li rende potenti è il cuore. Non c'è alcun effetto in un gesto meccanico.


Grace Beuermann: Rituals can be transformative and therapeutic if they are practised from the heart and not from the ego, since the faith that the person who teaches you that ritual shows you, is contagious. If that person is genuine, it will not be difficult for there to be a change. I think it is the same idea of the therapeutic space, when a ritual is done repeatedly a door is opened, a seed of a more essential part is left.

Buddha's birthday in Korea  -:-  Photo by Sunsook Park



8-12th August 2022
At Eleusis, Central France  -  In person only

As last summer, a time for relaxed living in good company, sharing poems and other writings over brunch, Dharma discussions, going for walks, good conversation, community, communing with nature in the adjoining 35 acres of meadow and woodland where we hope, eventually, to establish the Oasis 2 Project. A chance to unwind in good company and tranquil surroundings well off the beaten track.

Full board: 30€ per day, lower rate if you stay longer.

13-14th August 2022
At Eleusis, Central France  -  In person & Online

Obon, tamburo
Chiamo gli antenati
Apro le danze!
 - Obon haiku by Angela Romani

This year Global Sangha will celebrate Obon on the second weekend of August, which is also full moon, so this will incorporate the August Upavastha. Some of the event will be online. A more full and comprehensive event will take place at Eleusis, including a visit to the nearby community at Oasis. Nembutsu; chanting; readings; meditation; offerings to the ancestors and spirits; odori dancing and other celebratory activities. In person participants may stay longer if they wish to have some time for relaxation and to enjoy the area.

Full board: 30€ per day
Online: 25€ for the event

15-20th August 2022
At Eleusis, Central France  -  In person only

Of particular interest to those already on or hoping in the future to join the Buddhist Psychology Diploma Programme, but open to all who are interested, the Summer School will include seminars, workshops, experiential groups, demonstrations and discussions. There is no better way to deepen one's understanding and learn and refine skills. The event will be at David Brazier's house in France. Accommodation is limited so this will be a first come, first served, booking. This course is almost full.
Full board: 30€ per day
Book now:
Info: Jisshas <[email protected]>

Please note that Eleusis France has limited accommodation space: Eight people maximum including host. There is, however, plenty of outdoor space if you prefer to camp. Life here is simple and rustic.
Informal visits may also be possible at some other times than for the scheduled programmes.



David Brazier: It is hot. After the cold of winter, the heat is welcome, though it is a little alarming to have temperatures this high when it is still only May. Three weeks ago there was frost in the morning. I have been working in the garden and it is gradually taking shape. There is an enormous amount of weeding to do, but I take things gently. What is necessary will all get done in good time. On Friday I went over to Oasis and had lunch with Annette. Then we went to the Parc Floral and bought a number of flowering plants which I have since planted around the front garden. I was rather pleased to get another boule de niege (snowball plant). The one I already have I put in last year and it survived the winter, so I am hopeful that this new one will also flourish. There has been a good deal of discussion about the Oasis 2 idea and I certainly hope that it bears fruit, but one must take things one step at a time.

Annette Tamuly Jung: De plus en plus de personnes se joignent à notre groupe et nous nous en réjouissons! Nous rappelons à tous nos amis qu'un projet de création d'une deuxième Oasis est en cours... à Bessais-le-Fromental au lieu-dit  "La Ville au Roi" Le terrain serait mis à disposition par David Brazier (Dharmavida) propriétaire actuel de ce magnifique domaine situé à quelque 15 km de Givardon (Oasis de Longue Vie)
Translation: More and more people are joining our group and we are happy about it! We remind all our friends that a project to create a second Oasis is underway... at Bessais-le-Fromental on the site of "La Ville au Roi" The land would be made available by David Brazier (Dharmavida) current owner of this magnificent domain located about 15 km from Givardon (Oasis de Longue Vie).


Oasis is a settlement for Buddhists in the later stages of life. It is situated about 15 kilometres from Eleusis. The residents there have a happy and cooperative existence and the project is an evident success. However, small is beautiful and they do not want to go one expanding, even though there is always a trickle of people showing interest in joining. David Brazier has therefore offered to donate the land and buildings of Eleusis for the creation of a second community on similar lines, if others will come forward with the capital necessary to build the buildings. If you might be interested in spending some or all of your later years with fellow spirits in an attractive part of the French countryside, or if you know others who might be interested, do get in touch and, ideally, come for a visit. 

Correspondence: Jisshas <[email protected]>

Annette Tamuly Jung: Les Oasiens(ennes) se livrent toujours à leurs  pratiques quotidiennes communes (excepté le samedi et le dimanche)  : méditation et sadhanas à midi (une ½ heure) et le soir (1 heure) Dharmavidya se joint occasionnellement à l’une ou l’autre des sessions. 
Lama Shérab Namdreul donne un enseignement mensuel pendant toute une journée. D’autres amis, non-résidents à l’Oasis, y participent.
Le beau temps a permis aux plus vaillants/tes d’entre nous de faire les plantations dans le potager (pommes  de terre, poireaux, tomates haricots, salades, framboisiers) une plate-bande de fleurs a aussi été aménagée pour permettre de fleurir le temple. Une attention particulière a été accordée au fleurissement du stoupa.
Le parc est entretenu soigneusement. De grands passages sont tondus : ce qui permet de belles et confortables  promenades. Le reste est laissé à l’état sauvage.
Patrick a nettoyé la fosse septique et s’occupe de la pose de l’enduit sur la façade de la maison de Marie-Anne.
Le blog de l’OLV ( du Dharma) et la page Facebook (Asso. Oasis de Longue Vie) sont régulièrement mis à jour.
Une résidente et une autre qui lui prête main-forte, s’occupent de la comptabilité, des achats et des démarches administratives. Une résidente nous donne un cours hebdomadaire de Qi Gong. Deux résidentes se rencontrent depuis peu pour améliorer leur anglais.
Nous avons acheté une grande caravane bien équipée. Elle sera placée discrètement sous les arbres et nous permettra d’accueillir des hôtes de passage ou des personnes qui souhaitent mieux connaître le lieu avant de s’y installer.
Bien sûr, nous nous retrouvons aussi de temps à autre, et de façon spontanée, pour faire un goûter, ce qui nous permet de nous concerter sur telle ou telle décision à prendre, mais aussi d’accueillir des visiteurs.
Des réunions plus formelles avec l’ensemble des associés sont organisées quand cela est nécessaire, en particulier pour la candidature d’un(e) nouveau/velle résident(e, ou pour une dépense plus importante comme le nouveau chauffage dans la maison de Patrick.
In the woods at Eleusis  -:-  Photo by Iris Dotan Katz


Ganendra Oscar Martinez: Hola, esperamos que te encuentres bien. Te escribimos para informarte de las actividades que hemos programado para los próximos meses.

del 24 al 26 de junio
Retiro residencial de Mindfulness y Compasión.
"Vivir con corazón en un mundo incierto".Guiado por Óscar Martinez Zulueta y Patricia de la Fuente. El retiro se celebrará en Haro, La Rioja. 
Mas información:

del 22 al 25 de julio
una nueva edición del programa Mindfulness y Auto-Compasión (MSC) en formato intensivo, en Bilbao.Esta es una gran oportunidad de aprender a a tratarnos con consciencia y amabilidad. 
Mas información:

Información e inscripciones: Ahora Centro de Psicologia y Consciencia Plena,
Teléfono: 945 12 09 48 y 620 265 962.
Correo electrónico: [email protected]


At Eleusis

Photo by Iris Dotan Katz


Sri Lanka is in a desperate position. The country has been dependent upon tourism and foreign remittances for much of its income and both of these were devastated by the pandemic. The country has got into a huge amount of debt and it is difficult to see how it can get out of this mess without substantial help from other countries. The international financial system is such that a country can get itself into an extreme of indebtedness before changes become unavoidable.  Buddhist groups are supporting a cry from virtually the whole population for a change of government, but even if a new government is appointed, it's room for manoeuvre is now extremely limited. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which aid so often takes the form of the creation of further debt which brings the poor country under the effective control of the rich one. What seems like help becomes, in reality, a power play creating a relationship of subordination. We all pray that Sri Lanka can rise anew from this terrible catastrophe.


- David Brazier

White butterflies come fluttering
    into my mental space
and handsome are the hieroglyphs
    upon their flimsy wings.
I could not read the sign aright
    for none would show its face
but high up on a distant bough
    I saw a bird that sings.
And oh so plaintive was its song
    as if the heart would break.
“What ails you that you sing so sad
    although your dress is fine?”
If butterflies could only sing
    I’d hear the joy they make,
but what is there to say of me -
    which of these songs is mine?
The butterfly is mystery
    its hieroglyphs unread;
am I so like a fragile bug,
    my runes so hard to read?
The golden bird’s an open book,
    it’s painful chords all said
but I wake up in dark of night
    with many ghosts to feed.
Sometimes I am the butterfly,
    I flit from bloom to bloom,
collecting nectar heaven sent
    with still my song unsung;
sometimes I am the golden bird
    declaring woe and doom;
but then at last I sometimes wake
    and see the glory I’m among.
The butterfly and gaudy bird
    rise up upon their wings.
Oh, how I’d like to fly with them
    and taste what heaven brings.


All times are Rome time zone

Tuesday 17:00-18:00, 17th May & every two weeks
Italian Class
- Angela Romani  -:-  Meeting ID: 889 9850 0278  -:-  Passcode: 515887

Tuesday 18:00-19:00, 24th May & every two weeks
Italian Meeting - Incontro Italiano
- Angela Romani
Incontro di pratica e condivisione
Dettagli da Jisshas <[email protected]>

Wednesday  21:00, 18th May & every two weeks
Dharma Bud: Peer learning and Dharma discussion
- Geeta Chari  -:-  Meeting ID: 858 9773 3604  -:-  Passcode: 108108 

Thursdays 16:30
Readings from the Commentary on the Summary of Faith & Practice
- Dharmavidya & Priti Vaishnav
Meeting ID: 865 6362 0686  -:-  Passcode: 274590

Thursday  14:30, 19th May & every two weeks
IBAP Group / BP Diploma Tutors Meeting *

Thursday  19:00-20:30, 26th May & every two weeks
ITZI Supervision Group **
- Iris Dotan Katz
For presentation, review and discussion of counselling/psychotherapy casework from a Buddhist psychology perspective.

Fridays  19:30
Amitabha Service For the West 
- Vajrapala & Angela Romani
Meeting ID: 894 8069 9209   -:-   Passcode: 137836

Saturday 10:00 & 20:00, 18th June
Buddhist Psychology Seminars *
For students on BP course

Saturdays 14:00
Refuge Group *
A group for those who have taken refuge**.
Puja, Dharma Talk, Sharing, Discussion,

Saturday 14th May
Upavastha: Full Moon Sangha Day  -:-  Meeting ID: 879 5343 9118  -:-  Passcode: 804176

Sabado 16:30
Encuentro de la Sangha en español y servicio.

Guiado por Ganendra.
Por zoom.
Para asistir, escribir por whatsapp a +34 620265962.

Sundays 10:30,
Global Sangha Interest Group
Next meeting theme: Buddhism & Ecology
- Liz Allmark
An informal meeting for all.
Meeting ID: 889 7491 2642  -:-  Passcode: 537296

Sundays 20:00
GS Friendship Group
An informal meeting for all
Meeting ID: 873 9408 4532  -:-  Passcode: 519784

Weekend 28-29 May
"Encounter & Path" 
A weekend of Buddhist Psychology

David Brazier, Iris Dotan Katz, Kimiko Nita, Yaya de Andrade & Natividad Menendez 
Tickets <>

* Codes separately notified
** Details from Jisshas <[email protected]>


Jisshas <[email protected]> - for all general enquiries
Tickets <> - to book courses


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