Creating a stylish comparison chart with Design Packs 
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Creating a stylish comparison chart for Shopify with Design Packs
As much as I love creating new and exciting things with code, I don't necessarily love coding variations on the same component over and over. Since my app partner and I are both developers, we've created Design Packs in a way that is very developer friendly. We've created the ability to add section specific CSS that is scoped to each individual section. I wanted to share my experience with creating custom themes based on designs given to me by an outside firm with Design Packs.
Shopify Upsell offer in Cart without an app
Offering products on the cart is a great way to increase the average order value per customer, which ultimately leads to higher revenue over time. An upsell can be understood as an upgrade to the customer's order and requires little to no additional marketing efforts.
Reusable Product Price Snippet for Shopify
Product price is a bit complex in Shopify. In this video, I will make it easy to understand and easy to use by creating a Reusable Product Price Snippet.
New ways to Customize Shopify Checkout
After a customer adds products to a cart, they use Shopify checkout to enter their customer, shipping, and payment information before placing the order. Shopify Partners can create apps that extend Shopify checkout to include functionality that isn't provided natively. Merchants install these apps on their store in the Shopify admin. In the Shopify admin, merchants can use the checkout editor to place a checkout UI extension in the checkout experience.
MODE Shopify Premium Theme: The Free Shipping Bar Feature
MODE Premium Shopify theme from Clean Canvas comes with a powerful Free Shipping indicator feature that allows you to set up Free Shipping indicator without the need for an app! Set it by currency, cart total, country/region location, and more.
Know someone ready to sell their Shopify store?
Get $5k every time you refer someone who sells their store. Plus, they'll get $5k on top of their purchase price from your referral link. Merchants choose OpenStore's speedy pricing process and cash payment upfront. They simply connect their Shopify store, answer 3 simple questions and get a price in 24hrs.

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JWT Not Active - Shopify App - Error
Have you ever encountered an HTTP 500 error out of nowhere while developing an app - follow along to learn what's going on under the hood and learn how to fix JWT Not Active error on shopify apps.
How to Upload Files with the Shopify GraphQL API and React
From creating videos and optimizing images, to uploading photos and editing 3D models, Shopify apps manage media for all sorts of reasons. If you're developing an app that allows merchants or customers to interact with media, it's likely you'll need to implement a feature for uploading media files.
Understanding and using the new CSS style queries
Much of the excitement about container queries has been focused on container size queries. But there is an even more exciting side of container queries that most developers do not know about: container style queries. In this article, we’ll be looking at everything you need to know about style queries.
Hyper Fetch
Hyper Fetch is the ultimate tool for data exchange, asynchronous state management, complex persistance and queueing. For any Javascript / Typescript environment like React, Angular, Svelte, Vue and others. Save time needed to handle state and reducers. Save time on http client setup and it's dependencies. Everything is set up right after installation, it's fully configured environment with no external dependencies!



Critical changes to analytics and marketing measurement in Apps
Starting October 3rd, Plus Merchants who customize their checkout via Checkout Extensibility will be required to use the new Web Pixel Extension instead of adding checkout.liquid code. Ensure your app can support these merchants' measurement goals by building with the Web Pixel Extension. This will unlock additional locations for adding pixels, such as checkout, while increasing data accuracy, and providing tools for privacy compliance.


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