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Superintendent Update: Homecoming Dance, Vaping, and a Student Shout Out

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Rocket Fuel for Thought event on Wednesday. The event was an opportunity to give input on whether or not the School Board should consider an operational referendum and what should be included if one is proposed to the board. 

The next opportunity to give feedback is during High School Parent-Teacher conferences on October 18-19. Superintendent Deidre Roemer and Business Services Director Dan Arnold will be in the high school to speak to anyone who would like to share their thoughts. 

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Strategic Planning Process Begins

The Strategic Planning committee kicked off its work on Tuesday by examining plans from other districts and having discussions on core values in our community. The effort will continue through the fall and start of winter and conclude with a plan presented to the School Board in February. 

Strategic plans identify the values and goals for an organization and set out a plan to accomplish those objectives. During the process of creating a plan organizations often define their vision and mission statements that lead them in their work. 
In this episode, we’re talking about attendance and why it matters. For some time, South Milwaukee has had an attendance problem, and over the last two years the District has worked to improve those rates – after all, you can’t improve reading or math skills, prepare for high school or pass a class to get credits to graduate if you’re not in school learning.
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The South Milwaukee Fitness Center Indoor Walking Track is back open! The track, which was damaged after a flooding event, has been resurfaced and re-striped. The track is open to the community members with a Fitness Center membership. Click below to learn more. 
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October 18-19 - Parent Teacher Conferences 
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