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Shopify Functions 2023 - Overview and how to get started
What are Shopify Functions, what's new in 2023, and how to build functions with JavaScript!? A full guide on how to get started.
done-for-you app store optimization service
Work with a trusted expert to grow your Shopify app with done-for-you app store optimization.
How To Change Logo on Scroll - Elementor Step By Step By Guide
Learn how to change the logo on scroll using Elementor step by step, without the need for any plugin, by simply using CSS code. The process is easy to follow and requires no advanced technical skills.
Look How Easy It Is To Setup Shopify Hydrogen (React, Remix)
See how to get started with a development store on shopify and connect Hydrogen to shopify as a headless cms.
How to set up collection filters Shopify Search & Discovery
Learn how to optimize your Shopify store's search and discovery with collection filters in Shopify 2.0. In this tutorial, we'll show you step-by-step how to set up filters to help customers easily find what they're looking for. Increase customer satisfaction and improve your store's search engine ranking with this SEO-friendly technique.
Help your customers quickly find the product they want
Try the Avenue theme available in the theme store. Advanced filtering and live searches with query suggestions will quickly move customers from the homepage to checkout.

Features Include:
  • Developed for larger product catalogs
  • Advanced filters is one of over 20 sections
  • Compare up to 5 products
  • Exit pop ups
  • 11 languages for both the theme and the theme customizer
  • Sub collections with true breadcrumb hierarchy

Code & Tools

Easy Way to Display Videos From YouTube Channel in Your Shopify Store
Learn how to embed YouTube videos onto your Shopify Store without applications.
Building on Dawn Theme [Part 3: Customizing and creating a New Section]
In this part we will be customizing the image banner section and adding a new overlay with loop video section.
Find out if your website is Accessible and Compliant
Our free ADA and WCAG compliance checker identifies web accessibility issues and gives exact instructions for fixing them
Supporting Passkeys in Shop's Authentication Flows
Whether processing checkouts through Shop Pay or shopping via the Shop app, security is paramount to Shopify—as is providing a frictionless authentication experience. Passkeys are a new login credential based on public-key cryptography that replace the need for username and password sign-ins.
Add recipient fields to your gift card product
You can enable recipient name, email and message fields on your gift card product pages. Customers buying a gift card for someone else have the option of completing these extra fields. Once purchased, a personalized email containing the message and gift card code is sent to the recipient. The buyer receives a notification containing the gift card code to confirm that the gift card was sent to the recipient.