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Got any plans for Spring Break 2022? What's one new thing you'd like to learn regarding development? Set aside a few hours and treat yo self!

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How To Make the Dawn Theme Header Transparent
Bluish has created a guide on how to make the Dawn Theme header transparent for the home page. The guide also covers creating customizer options so you can turn off the transparent header, as well as change the color of the icons and links. Let’s get into it!
How to Redirect Shopify Customer to a Specific Page after Login / Logout / Register
By default, the new customers are directed to the account page after register new account. Kiet shows us the steps to redirect the customer to a specific page when they register a new account:
How to make data-driven decisions for Shopify plus stores [E-book]
Getting the biggest decisions right — from choosing marketing channels to determining your most valuable customers — comes down to how accurate and reliable your data is. Of course, you're more than likely already using some kind of reporting tool to analyze your buyers' behavior and make improvements to your store.
Shopify Partner Town Hall—Hydrogen Takeover
Shopify Partner Town Hall is a virtual event where partners and developers can hear directly from Shopify product teams on the latest releases and updates at Shopify. This month, it’s a Hydrogen takeover.
Write plain text files
My written words are my most precious asset. They are also a history of my life. That’s why I only use plain text files. They are the most reliable, flexible, and long-lasting option. Here’s why.
Storetasker: A network for excellent freelance Shopify devs
Meet Anthony. Based in Melbourne, Anthony’s a shopify developer on Storetasker. He recently told us this “what I enjoy most is the part where you don't get into a bidding war with a thousand other freelancers for some very average task. It's the complete opposite to the Upwork experience”. storetasker-ad2.png

Code & Tools

Understand LIQUID PROGRAMMING in less than 10 min
Learn Liquid Programming and 10x your career as a Shopify developer. Understand how Liquid works and what it can do.
Migrate Products from Magento to Shopify
The Matrixify app makes your migration from Magento to Shopify easier. This import will convert your Magento Products into Shopify Products and put them into Smart Collections. The app will also automatically create Redirects for your Products and Collections from the old Magento URL to the new Shopify URL. All your exported Magento Custom fields for the Products will be created as Metafields for your Shopify Products.
Shopify App Developer resources
A list of resources for developers looking to make and market awesome Shopify Apps
Building Arrays with Liquid in Shopify
Storing data coming in from your Shopify store in your template can help with optimization. You may also want to store values so that you can manipulate and re-use them later. Whatever the use case may be, the ability to store information in an array using liquid is a good arsenal to have in your Shopify Dev Toolkit.



Display duties with Liquid using `order.total_duties`
A new attribute (total_duties) is now available on the order object. order.total_duties attribute returns the sum of all duties applied to line items in the order. order.total_duties returns nil if duties are not applicable to the order.


Theme app extensions now support locales directory
As of today, apps will be able to store translation strings in a centralized locales folder accessible across all app blocks and app embeds within a theme app extension.
Scheduled Publishing to Channels is now Generally Available
We’ve just released Product Scheduled Publishing to Channels, allowing merchants to schedule products to be published to a sales channel at a specific datetime. For channels that have product validation workflows, you’ll need to integrate with scheduled product publishing so that your channel can validate products before their scheduled publication datetime.


April 13 - Introduction to Working With Shopify Themes
Following this practical workshop you’ll be able to set up a local development environment and edit theme code to customize an example storefront. We’ll also explore Shopify’s Liquid templating language and learn how it can be leveraged to display dynamic store content.
March 17 - Building Headless Storefronts on Shopify with Hydrogen - Online Workshops
Curious about Hydrogen -Shopify's React-based framework for building custom storefronts? Register now for an upcoming FREE workshop in March to explore the new framework and get a custom storefront up and running.


Project Manager, Designer, Developer, FT, Remote
Little Rocket is hiring developers, project managers or designers. We are looking for those based in Canada, but open to contract positions as well for those living abroad.
Freelance Project Manager, US only
Progress Labs is looking for a talented and experienced Project Manager to join our team in a contract position. The Project Manager role at Progress Labs organizes and strategizes project execution and client needs.
Content Marketing Manager, FT, Remote
The ideal candidate loves writing and topic research but also understands how to structure the article from the SEO point of view. We expect someone who will be autonomous and data-driven. Knowledge of the Shopify environment is a big plus, but general e-commerce understanding is fine, too.

Tip of the Week

Metafields + JSON == Love

If you haven't heard about metafields yet then I strongly encourage you to check them out. They allow you to attach data to products and open up the door to all kinds of possibilities

There are several 'types' of metafields, one of the most useful, IMHO is the JSON data type.

Because JSON is structured data, you can now support all kinds of interesting workflows and theme features

Thomas Rondio uses them for a different faq on each product page. He has the merchant provide JSON with questions and answers and then displays it on the product page

Christopher Daniel Dean uses them for a Product Customizer

What are some ways you've been able to use JSON with metafields?